Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 3 Review

Attack on Titan’s new season has played with audience in a startling but satisfying way, thereby keeping fans in the dark. A lot of this new season has concentrated on Falco Grice as he continues through Warrior Training and how he might be a Marleyan counterpart to Eren. However, “The Door of Hope” turns to Reiner’s past as a way to create even more parallels and emphasize that this new trainee may be able to achieve what he can’t.

“The Door of Hope” is all about the pain and suffering that Reiner has gone through to reach where he is now, but it also looks to the cyclical nature of war. This episode narrates Reiner’s tale as if his fate is to be the hero that will terminate all of this, but the audience has better views. It’s important to look peep deeper into the past in order to better understand what the future holds.

Reiner’s Efforts To Save The Future

Marleyan forces prepare for their ultimate attack on Paradis Island and there’s a forcing introduction that’s put together on the various Warrior soldiers and the different Titan powers that they all own. It’s a helpful way to brief what’s been presented in the first two episodes. It also gives spotlight to Reiner, as he meets his new authority, but also a heavy burden that persists over him. Reiner fights to not just save the future, but to also write his past again and impart justice to his family, even if his father won’t accept it. Reiner develops himself up to be an invincible tool of demolition because he has to be, but it makes the truth that he learns cut him right to the core.

“The Door of Hope” majorly spends time during Reiner’s youth when he was only Gabi’s age and just starting his own Warrior training alongside Bertholdt, Annie, and Marcel Galliard. Reiner is filled with enthusiasm, but he has a hard time with the information that Marcel orchestrated for Reiner to inherit the Armored Titan genuinely so his own brother would be protected from this lifestyle. What’s specifically powerful about Marcel’s confession is that Reiner hardly gets a chance to respond to it before a stray Titan invades and Marcel modifies Reiner’s life for a second time. Marcel sacrifices himself instead of Reiner and the valiant gesture, combined with the truth that Reiner has learned, leaves him more inspired than ever in his charge against Paradis Island and the Founding Titan.


Attack On Titan. Image: CBR

Viewers Should Empathize Reiner

Attack on Titan has dedicated previous episodes to supporting characters and members of the rival team, but “The Door of Hope” is the most drastic in such fashion. It wants the viewers to have empathy and understand Reiner’s story; which might have earlier sounded like an impossible task, but now feels as rigid as the motivations for Eren, Levi, Mikasa, or the Survey Corps members.

Though, it’s now easier to side with Marleyan forces, but Reiner’s situation is barely different. Every character in this series has faced considerable loss and carried the remorse of the kindness of others. Attack on Titan will still need to do more with Reiner and the other new Marleyan characters; though it’s splendid to see what the anime has already been able to achieve in a mere three episodes. There are even glances into Reiner’s childhood that show that this incident has been inculcated in him for his entire life to the point that he’s never known anything else to believe in. “The Door of Hope” wants to prove that Reiner is a victim of consequence just as much as anyone else.

What “The Door Of Hope” Narrates?

“The Door of Hope” spans several years and continues to jump around in the past as it fills in the voids to a tale that the audience has only been privy to half of. It is the most that Attack on Titan has had something like prequel series Better Call Saul when talking about storytelling. There’s still perceptible mystery even though the audience eventually knows the climax. It’s a tension that grows out of the anxiety of knowing how this house of cards all fans down and that all of Reiner and Annie’s work can all be for nothing. Annie and Reiner argue over the best method for their attack, which bursts into her kicking his ass on the subject.

They’re worried and lost, but it’s seriously comforting to see them on the opposite side of Wall Maria as they begin to plot their infiltration into the 104th division of the Training Corps. It’s the genesis of one of Attack on Titan’s biggest twists and it’s telling to realize that it’s Reiner who emerges with the slow infiltration plan that leaves the Survey Corps so disintegrated.

“The Door of Hope” Isn’t A Wasted Episode

“The Door of Hope” is the least revealing edition of Attack on Titan’s fourth season and it may act more like a refresher for some people as it covers so much time in the past. It’s by no means, however, a wasted episode and the work that it does for Eldia and how their mission clashes with the rest of the world still feels interesting and important. It’s clear that Attack on Titan’s ending season wants to tell a charismatic story that takes notes from various time periods and has many moving pieces. “The Door of Hope” still refines those skills as it arranges future plot in its mammoth final year; whether that’s hope or just another hell.


Attack On Titan. Image: Den of Geek

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 3 Ending

Currently, Reiner loads his gun and almost shoots himself. However, coincidentally, Falco hits the wall outside in anger. Falco feels irritaton for he cannot improve and become better than Gabi. After all, he wants to protect her from the “dark future” of inheriting a Titan by becoming the Armored Titan himself. Reiner then realizes that he still has people to live for.

On his way back, Falco passes by the hospital. There, he starts a conversation with an injured man who mentions that people have various reasons for going to war. Some join the military because of external pressures from society, but some push themselves instead. He believed that people who are intending to do so see something that others don’t. In any situation, one wouldn be unaware of what they’re capable of unless they keep moving forward.

Who is Falco’s Mystery Friend?

The discussion that Falco has with the man outside the hospital is a little obscure. They genuinely talk about the ravages of war and how different people are get motivation from various factors. The man even says that misery, loneliness, sickness, and death always surrounds them. Falco also says that his concern is Gabi inheriting the Titan.


Attack on Titan. Image: The Independent

These two characters have found comfort in each other, even if it is for much less time. But this meeting is necessary for more than one reason; it seems as though Eren Jaeger has finally made a comeback. One of our first indication is that clips from season 1 that feature Eren have been dispersed throughout the episode. At one point, when Annie, Reiner, and Bertolt talk about their mission, Eren, Armin, and Mikasa are present in the background as refugees.

Towards the end, there is also a scene where Reiner tells Eren not to give up. Interestingly, in this flashback, Eren is having a hard time with the ODM machines, which is an imperative tool in the fight against the Titans. However, Reiner offers him aid and says that Eren should keep moving forward. The injured soldier says the same thing to Falco in the present day, and if this doesn’t hint at Eren’s comeback, we don’t know what will.