Attack On Titan: Who’s The Jaw Titan? What Is His Past?

Attack On Titan anime has shown us many amazing and mysterious characters along its course. Hajime Isayama has originally created the manga. The anime is based in a fictional nation named Eldia in which people are forced to live in settlements surrounded by massive walls.

These walls protect them from the ever-present threat of Titans. Titans are giant, misshapen humanoids who mindlessly roam the land and seem to exist only to gobble up any and all people.

Attack On Titan: Origin of Jaw Titan!

The anime features many Titans and most of them are just mindless beasts. There is one small subset known as the Nine Titans who are different than the rest of the Titans. These Titans are much more powerful and possess human-like intelligence. Ymir Fritz was the original Titan and she died thousands of years ago.

Attack On Titan
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The Nine Titans are nothing but fragments of Ymir Fritz’s power. When she died, her soul was split into nine parts. Each of the Nine Titans has a unique power and high intelligence. Titan Shifters control these Titans. Titan Shifters are humans who have the ability to change into Titan form at will.

The Jaw Titan is one of the Nine Titans. Jaw Titan first appeared in Hajime Isayama’s manga in chapter 40. In the anime, it first was first seen in season 2 episode “Soldier.” The Jaw Titan is one of the smallest among its peers. This might first seem like a disadvantage, but it’s actually is a boon.

The Jaw Titan’s size allows it to move much more speedily than its bigger counterparts. As the name suggests, the Jaw Titan has an exceptionally powerful jaw and can easily chew up almost anything.

Attack On Titan
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The Full Life-Cycle!

The Nine Titan powers get passed to the next generation by either of the two ways. It is either by transferring to an infant upon a Titan Shifter’s death or by eating a Titan Shifter. This indicates that the Jaw Titan must have had many identities since it first came into existence.

Marcel Galliard was the Jaw Titan’s first known identity. Marcel was a warrior from the rival nation of Marley who chosen to inherit the Titan’s power. He was sent to wage a war against Eldia. A Pure Titan eats Marcel when he was on his mission. It then regained its human form as Ymir.

Attack On Titan
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After a few years, Porco Galliard (Marcel’s brother and a fellow Marley warrior) consumed Ymir. Porco then gained not only the Jaw Titan’s power but also inherited Ymir’s memories.

Falco Grice is the anime’s, current Jaw Titan. Falco was a warrior and was a prisoner in Eldia. There he transformed into a Pure Titan which then ate Porco and gained his powers.

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Attack On Titan
Source: Crunchyroll

We will bring more insights very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!


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