Attack On Titan: Will Eren Live For Just Another 13 Years Due To Curse Of Ymir?

Attack On Titan manga is highly unpredictable and has one of the greatest storylines of all time. The manga’s fandom is still unclear about the Curse of Ymir. According to the curse, a Titan Shifter can live a mere 13 years after acquiring their Titan powers. So, what does this actually mean for Eren Jaeger? Here’s everything you need to know about it!

Attack On Titan: The Shocking Proofs!

The manga’s protagonist, Eren Jaeger possesses more than one Shifter power. The manga’s Chapter 88 and anime’s third season second half revealed this information. The Scouts reclaimed Wall Maria and finally uncovered the secrets within the basement of Eren’s childhood home.

Grisha Jaeger, Eren’s father said that humans who eat intelligent Titans to gain their powers will have their lifespan shortened. This will happen because of the strain of Titan powers on the body.

Attack On Titan
Source: Funimation

The legend of the first Titan, Ymir Fritz followed the same suit. The Titans’ founder lived for a mere 13 years, and thereafter, no Titan could surpass that limit. Grisha is also the perfect proof of this curse. Attack Titan possessed her for 13 years and then after, she fed herself to Eren.

In the manga’s Chapter 130, Eren himself claimed that he has only four years left. So, how exactly does the Curse of Ymir works? Is Eren an exception?

There is no doubt that Ymir’s curse works on everyone. In Eren’s case, his life hinges on only one possibility: Does possess multiple Titan powers to extend one’s life beyond 13 years?

What happened in Grisha Jaeger’s case?

Grisha Jaeger gained the powers of two different Titans before his death. Grisha accepted the Attack Titan from Eren Kreuger before he inhabited the walls. Kreuger first told Grisha about Ymir’s Curse. He also gave him a mission to steal the Founding Titan from the royal family of Paradis, the Reiss clan. Grisha successfully retrieved the Founding Titan from Frieda Reiss before his 13 years were up.

As we know, Grisha was not weak at the time of his death. He should have been by the 13th year, it’s natural that a Titan Shifter would be a bit worn out. There is a chance that Grisha may have been able to overcome the Curse 0f Ymir. However, he never took that chance. So, where does this leave us in Eren’s case?

Attack On Titan
Source: Funimation

As we know, Eren obtained both the Founding and Attack Titan from Grisha. He also got the War Hammer Titan later on. So, with this said, is he exempted from the curse as he possesses all these things? Ymir was the first Titan and had the power of all nine Titans. Even though, he died after 13 years, so Eren’s multiple-Titan status may mean nothing.

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If eating multiple Titan Shifters give you more powers, boost your lifespan, then it will change the game. All our answers will be answered as the manga advances. Until then, all we can is ponder upon our speculations and theories.

We will bring more insights very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!



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