Attack on Titans: Season 4 Confirmed

Attack on Titans or Shingeki No Kyojin needs no introduction. The show is considered one of the best anime ever made and is immensely successful in the world of television. It has not only has attracted Otakus but also managed to attract audiences with no prior inclination towards anime. It follows a fascinating narrative, intriguing characters, and brilliant visual appeal.

3 seasons have aired till now. And Season 3 was the best season of this post-apocalyptic drama so far and was bombarded with praises from critics and fans. It has been confirmed that the series is returning for its 4th and final season. Fans need to prepare themselves for what are some of the darkest stories to ever happen within the franchise, as the manga has been telling the story of the final war between Marley and Eldia. Now, let’s jump straight to the release date of Attack on Titans season 4.

Release Date

Nearly All production companies in the entertainment sector have closed down because of the pandemic. Our beloved anime is no exception. The fourth season of Attack on Titans was originally slated to be released this year in the fall. Which is surely not possible now. The release date has not been declared yet, but the fans are expecting the 4th to be released in 2021.

Till then, you can check out the official trailer of season 4 here with English subtitles.


Attack on Titan Season 4 Plot

Series’s Season 3 ended with a cliffhanger. Even after the conquering of Titan Beast and getting to know about the Titans with the help of Grisha Jaeger, Eren and the others went far from the wall, but by getting to know about the vast sea that Eren’s father once made him understand. Eren knows exactly what is its meaning. Therefore, it can be anticipated that the story will continue from the same point it ended in Season 3.

The trailer shows a completely new landscape and one that resembles a World War-esc battlefield. We also see several new titans and whilst we don’t expect these to play the main role in season 4, they may indeed influence the final battle with Marley. Although there are also rumblings that a brand-new titan ability will play a massive part in season 4.

The cast of Attack on Titans Season 4

The lead cast members will return for the fourth and final season of the series. The lead cast will include Yuki Kaji as Eren Yaegar, Maria Inoue as Armin Arlet, Yui Ishikawa as Mikasa Ackerman, and Hiroshi Kamiya as Levi and Marina Perino as Armin Arlert to name a few of the main characters.


How many episodes are expected in season 4?

Until now, Attack on Titan has aired an unexpected number of episodes each season. There were 25 in season 1 and only 12 in season 2. Season 3 had a total of 22 episodes, but they were divided into installments of 12 and 10.  Season 4 might have a two-cour split season of 10 and 12 episodes similar to season 3. However, these speculations have not been confirmed.

Where can I watch Attack on Titans?

You can watch all the previous season on Also, Season 4 will air on the NHK General TV network in Japan, viewers in other territories should be able to watch subtitled episodes on shortly after their original airing.

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