Ava 2: Is It Happening? Every Detail You Need To Know!

People, who had the chance to witness the suspenseful spy flick, are plausibly wondering if they will make Ava 2. Was this exciting affair a one and done ordeal?

Ava is a phenomenal action-thriller starring Jessica Chastain. She is a skilled mercenary doing hits under the table. She gets framed and must take down her enemies before they kill her loved ones.

Ava has all the makings of a captivating franchise of the genre. It will certainly not be disappointing to learn there was another instalment coming.

Jessica Chastain
Source: Netflix

Is Ava 2 Happening?

As of right now, there is no official word on whether or not Ava 2 is in the making. It’s not unusual for a gap of about a year or more to take place between a film and its sequel. Fans can expect a part 2 if there is sufficient demand for the same.

Release Date:

If a sequel does happen, Netflix could possibly release Ava 2 by 2022. However, scheduling conflicts could certainly delay the process given the big names attached. Given all the uncertainties, Ava 2 probably won’t release until 2023.

Ava 2.
Source: Netflix

What to Expect From Ava 2?

The end of the film saw Ava attempting to walk away. Unfortunately, following her was some unfinished business in the form of the man’s vengeful daughter that betrays her. There is obviously more to this and given Chatsain’s forte when it comes to action; there isn’t much stopping Ava 2 from getting a greenlight.

Chastain’s character takes care of Michael’s gambling debts and subsequently learns that Simon kills Duke. The climax involves a chaotic and bloody head-to-head between the assassin and her unfathomable boss. Both characters are forced to flee because of approaching police officers. Ava quickly tracks Simon down and shoots a bullet in his forehead. The movie ends with Simon’s daughter Camille is on the lookout for her father’s killer.

Jessica Chastain as Ava.
Source: Netflix

For the part 2, Silvers could very well become the primary villain. The basic plot will seemingly revolve around Camille’s pursuit of Ava, and whether or not Chastain’s character can stay sober in the process. With both Simon and Duke now dead, and Michael being fully devoted to the pregnant Judy, Ava will need a loyal partner in the sequel.

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