Away Season 2 | What Are The Renewal Plans Of Netflix? Know Details

If you are a fan of the suspense drama genre, then Away is the series you may not have missed. The show consists of a total of ten episodes, and it revolves around an international space team and their campaign to Mars. As we have received the reviews of the viewers of this series, we can tell you that the show is quite addictive and nearly all the fans have the same question in mind about the finale of the show. The main question is, what is going to happen next. Well, we will only be able to find the answer to this question only when the creators of the series decides to plan Away Season 2.

Away Season 2
Image Source – Netflix

As of now, nothing has been announced officially by the online streaming service providing platform, Netflix, regarding the second season of the series. You must be aware of the fact that when it comes to opting for the sequels of the show, the streaming giant waits for the response of the people before making any decision for the future of the show.

Away Season 2 | What are the plans of the renewal of the series?

The creator of this extraterrestrial show, Andrew Hinderaker, has already made up his mind for making the second season of the series. He said in an interview with Capital Times that there is no news to break in terms of whether they know that there will be future seasons, but the plan was always for the multi-season arc.

If the creators of the series decides to create a future season of the show, then according to the one who played the role of Captain Emma Green, Hilary Swank, the show will be continuing to talk about the things that are not known about the space.

Away Season 2
Image Source – Netflix

Everyone who is involved with this series is eager to work again with each other for the upcoming project. Ato Essandoh, the one who played the role of Kwesi, said that he is sure there are plans for a second season.

Just like the fans of the show who are waiting for the series to get renewed for another season, we are also hoping to see Away Season 2 soon. For more details regarding the renewal updates and the information, make sure to visit this website regularly. We, here at this website, upload the latest news, announcements, and official status of your favourite series and movies.



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