Bachelorette Season 16: Tashia Adams Roped In To Replace Clare Crawley!

Tashia Adams has been recently confirmed as the new star of The Bachelorette, as she has replaced Clare Crawley. The news of the replacement was revealed in a promo that was aired on the night of Tuesday, teasing the episode of the next week, which will be finally revealing everything.

Despite the rampant rumors about the unprecedented shakeup of the cast, up until now, ABC has chosen to remain silent on whether Tashia Adams will be stepping in for Crawley, who, according to the reports, have departed the show in the middle of filming.

The Bachelorette | Tashia Adams
Image Source – Den of Geek

While the season was being shot in the summers, the sources that were close to the production team has previously revealed that there was validity to the rumors that Adams will be swapping in for Crawley, who had fallen for a contestant earlier in the season.

Bachelorette Season 16 | Tashia Adams Will Be Replacing Clare Crawley!

A production insider has recently revealed that it is shaping up to be a very interesting season creatively, along with lots of twists and turns at the time of the reported shakeup.

As has played out on the three episodes of the season that have aired so far, Crawley has indeed fallen hard for Dale Moss, one of the contestants, which has been the core storyline of the season. According to the promo that was aired tonight on ABC, her close connection with Dale has angered all other male contestants, who appear to stage a walkout in the episode of next week.

The male contestants would be given one more chance to find love by bringing in a new female lead, after feeling as if they stood no chance for Clare Crawley, who only has eyes for Dale Moss. In the promo, the host of the show, Chris Harrison, told the group of men that in the 20-year history of the franchise of the show, he has never experienced what is about to happen.

The Bachelorette | Clare Crawley
Image Source – Den of Geek

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Harrison said, speaking to a news source that despite the rumors of the shakeup of the cast, the way the season plays out is really unexpected. He added that a lot of people feel like they know exactly what is happening this season. Well, actually, they do not know; it is an explosive season unlike any that they have ever had.

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