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Back Arrow Episode 1: Preview & Recap

Back Arrow: Lingalind is a land encircled by a wall, including protecting crops. Gardening and nurturing the land. The Wall is knowns as God. So, The Wall is also the establishment of the land of Lingalind and one day in Edger. And which situated in a settlement in the outskirts of Lingalind. An unknown gentleman named Back Arrow dispenses up. BEcause, And he has lost his thoughts. He learns that he came from the other side of the Wall. Also. and he is satisfied with it.

For instance, Arrow tries to search beyond the Wall to regain his memories. So but he got held back by different restrictions coming on his way. Most importantly, Arrow is a muscular young man with a somewhat higher height and has a scar on his chest. So, People respect him since he has a sense of justice. He doesn’t know he comes from a sky in a container as a gift from the gods.

Back Arrow Episode 1 Release Date

In this paragraph, The latest new Back Arrow Episode 1 will released on Saturday, 9 January 2021, at 12:00 AM JST. Back Arrow will keep on delivering new anime every Saturday. You can experience visiting the anime’s official website at back-arrow.com. In conclusion, And see it on AnimeLab and Funimation.

Episode 1 Summary

Atlee is a growing girl who is a female sheriff in Essha Village. She has medium-long green hair with twists on the right side. And she appreciates carrying a whip. Elsha Lean’s fur is orange. And it is excellent and has green eyes. She is the granddaughter of the Essha village ruler. Eisha perpetually likes to wear a red hat and green jeans with a missing right sleeve. The girl carries a pistol along with her necklace.

Moreover, Seldom she likes to wear a vest that tied at the bottom. And So showing her stomach. Bit Namital is a gentleman who wears a dark brown hat with short brown hair. He is Essha village’s wit. Kai Rhodan is a man who is much in everything and a general in the Recca empire. In other words, No one can compete against him, and he has no rival. And Shu Bi works as a justice of the Imperial Palace of the Recca. Above all, Ren also operates at Recca empire as a soldier.


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