Baki Hanma: Baki Part 4 Happening On Netflix?

The part 4 of Baki is not happening, and we all are well aware of it, but what we are yet to be aware of is, that it is technically happening. By technically happening we mean that the final arc of the story will be concluding with a new original anime series titled, Baki Hanma.

The epic end of the anime focussed on martial arts is expected to look bigger and better than ever for its climactic shutdown. This article is going to be a discussion of all the details regarding the unintentional fourth part of the series, including the story of the series, and the release updates of the series.

Baki Hanma
Image Source – Netflix

It is an upcoming martial arts anime series which is coming soon on the online streaming service providing platform, Netflix, and can be called the sequel to the anime named Baki. The anime is based on the manga of the same name which is written by author Keisuke Itagaki. The production company behind the anime series is TMS Entertainment.

It has been revealed ina confusing state of affairs that the story will be concluding with a new anime series named Baki Hanma. The fact that TMS Entertainment has taken a decision to create an entirely new anime means that we are in for something very special.

Baki Hanma Plot Details

The story of the new anime series will be picked off from the point where the previous series left with Baki laying down his challenge to his father, Yujiro. It is going to be the final season of the franchise and will be seeing some of the most epic moments from the manga to finally come to life. In particular, Baki’s climactic showdown with Yujiro.

Release Details

Previously, there have been some speculations regarding the release of the fourths season of the series on the online streaming services providing platform, Netflix in the month of December of this year. As the announcement that Baki anime series is over and it will now be continuing with Baki Hanma, it is not known yet when will the series will be making its debut on the streaming giant.

Baki Hanma
Image Source – Netflix

Some sources have revealed that the production of the series is due and till now it is also not known that how much episodes will be there in the final season of the series.

Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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