Baki The Grappler : Season 3 | No English Dubbing

Baki, The Grappler,’ is a Japanese Series which is written and demonstrated by Keisuke Itagaki. The series initially started in October 1991. The director of the series is Yuji Asada, and produced by Chiaki Yasuda and Tsuneo Seto.

There are a total of three sequels till now, which are-

  • Baki- The series romanized as New Grappler Baki. The second series was also periodical in Weekly Shonen Champion from 1999 to 2005.
  • Baki Hamma- The series was transcribed as Baki: Son of Orge. The third series was published from December 2005 to August 2012.
  • Baki-Dou- The series was translated as Baki’s Style. This series is the fourth series, which was published from March 2014 to April 2018.
Baki The Grappler
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Cast Of Baki The Grappler

  • Kikuchi Masami as Baki Hanma
  • Nomura Kenji as Yuujirou Hanma
  • Hino Yurika as Akezawa Emi
  • Kojima Sachiko as Matsumoto Kozue
  • Nakata Kazuhiro as Shinogi Koushou

In an Anime series, there are two kinds of fans, one who love watching Japanese characters, and enjoy listening to them. And another one is who don’t read any subtitles, and they only enjoy the on-screen action.

On the third season of Baki, the fans don’t have an option to read the subtitles. In the third season, they haven’t given the feature of English subtitles yet, from which many fans are disappointed.

If we check English subtitles in Netflix, we will receive a popup message, ‘English-Delayed.’ The English subtitles were already on the way, but due to the coronavirus situation, by which the subtitles have been thrown a jerk as of now.

Baki The Grappler
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Netflix said that the voice actor has to travel a considerable distance to come to the studio, and this can also be the reason why the Netflix reveals that the dubs have a delay. So for getting dubs, they have to wait for the lockdown to over.

However, there is no official announcement of releasing of dubs till now.

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