Barack Obama Gives A Green Signal To Drake For Playing His Role In A Biopic!

Barack Obama: The American rapper could fully play in a biopic of Barack Obama. The past President of the United States provided his permission. It’s pure: Drake tidies everything in his path. Indeed, the American rapper has zero more to prove. Everything is working for him so good well so far. And this, in whatever field he is in, he is making his way. In fact, the singer could soon break into the big screen, and it will amaze.

Barack Obama Biopic

In summary, Barack Obama would consider making his own biopic. And for a good reason, the previous President of the United States of America recently released his journal. And it says A Promised Land. On this very love occasion, he granted an interview with our American colleagues. And also, Complex.

During this conversation, the journalist and the former head of state discussed something unexpected. And this surprising, to say the least: rap. By the way, both have spoken about Drake. The two agree that he can “do something great for his fellowship.”

So why not take on the character of Barack Obama in the movies? “I would say this: Drake appears to be able to do everything he wants. He is a skilled brother. And also ”began the partner of Michelle Obama.

So, “If the time approaches and he’s ready. And also, he’s got validation from my entire family. I think Malia and Sasha (editor’s note: her daughters) wouldn’t be amazed about it. This is something to make the main enthusiastic party very happy. For the second, the latter has not yet delivered.

But for the moment, no actions to make a biopic inducted. This is, then, just insignificant speculation.

Rapper DRAKE: HE is not THE ONLY one!

In enhancement to being a total fan of Drake, Barack Obama is also excited about other American rappers. According to him, rap isn’t all about “bling-bling, women and money.” And this, opposed to what some clips want to show.

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