Barack Obama On How Being A President Impacted His Married Life With Michelle

Barack Obama has recently opened up on life in the White House, including how it really affected his marriage with his wife Michelle, in his memoir, A Promised Land, which is due out on November 17.

In the book consisting of 768 pages, it was hinted by Barack that Michelle was frustrated by life in the White House. He wrote in the extract that is obtained by CNN that despite the success and popularity of Michelle, he continued to sense an undercurrent of tension in her; it was subtle but constant, like the faint thrum of a hidden machine.

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama
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He added to it that it was as if, confined as they were within the walls of the White House, all her previous sources of frustration became even more concentrated and more vivid. 

Whether it was his round the clock absorption with work, or the way politics exposed their family to attacks and scrutiny, or the tendency of even the friends and the members of the family to treat her role as secondary in importance.

Barack Obama On How Being A President Impacted His Married Life With Michelle

Barack Obama adds in the heartbreaking statement that there were nights lying next to Michelle in the dark, he would think about those days when everything between them felt lighter, when her smile was more constant, and their love, less encumbered.

And his heart would suddenly tighten at the thought that those days might never return. Michelle has also opened up about the marital issues of the couple in her own book, which is titled, Becoming.

The former First Lady recently shared that she and Obama went to marriage counseling early in their marriage when they were living in Chicago, before he became the President.

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama
Image Source – Inisder

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eMichelle told ABC News while promoting her book in the year 2018 that she knows too many young couples who struggle and think somehow; there is something wrong with them. She wants those couples to know that Michelle Obama and Barack Obama, who have a phenomenon marriage, and who love each other, they work on their marriage and they get help with their marriage when they need it.

It was shared elsewhere in the book of Barack Obama that he would smoke up to ten cigarettes a day during his presidency, and added that he would look for a discreet location to grab an evening smoke.

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