In childhood, we all were a fan of superheroes, some are of Spiderman, Batman, and some are of Superman. And we all also fight for our superhero, by proving others that Superman is better than Batman and that childhood stuff.

So in this post, we will go back to our childhood and see who will win if they both came prepared.


Batman VS Superman
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DC Comics launched a movie, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016. The film is the first film where two main DC characters feature together. Since they both know the extent of each other, they probably met on several occasions.

They both founded the Justice League with the help of other superheroes like Wonder Woman, Flash, and Martian Hunter. They both know each other on a personal level, and they were a sot of friends.

We all know that if Superman lands on the planet in the form of a fully grown adult, and attack Batman, then there is no chance of losing that battle.

What will happen if Batman and Superman come prepared in a battle?

If we talk about Superman, he has the prospective to cause a mass extinction, and he has all the natural advantages. He always uses his abilities and moral knowledge to help the people out.


Batman vs. Superman
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But, Batman is different, he made himself a capable of being opposed to something, Although he is the master of martial and mixed arts, his brainpower can not be matched. Batman also inspired many age groups to become engineers.

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So, it is clear that Superman is grown with the brain, and Batman is with brawn. And for me, brains always win every time, and that’s the reason why I’m choosing Superman. I’m also sure that in the end, they will work it out and become super best friends.

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