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Batman: Soul of the Dragon To Premiere in January 2021!

Batman: Soul of the Dragon is finally nearing release after a roller-coaster 2020. The latest DC superhero product is a peculiar dive into an unknown dimension. While the principal character stays the same, the lens to look at him keeps turning. However, the big-budget movies get all the interest, animation scene keeps getting bigger. This upcoming movie from the DC Universe Animated Original Movies franchise will be a promising start to 2021.

Batman Soul of the Dragon Media
Batch-mates of Bruce Wayne’s older self will take to the screens once again.

Plot of the upcoming DC Universe movie tale:-

Batman returns to the animation world after a few years, however, it’s different once again. Over the years, the world of Batman has given us some of the best storylines in the superhero genre. From Joker to Robin, the characters from the same world, with the same principal “hero” are standalone names.

Batman: Soul of the Dragon will be set almost 5 decades back in time. Set in the 1970s, this story will be one of Batman and his batch-mates. This means that we’ll be getting a fair few character in an ensemble piece. While a lot of the cast is well-known characters from the comics, we can expect a few surprises as well.

David Giuntoli will be voicing the main character of Bruce Wayne aka Batman. Kelly Hu will be Lady Shiva, Mark Dacascos voices Richard Dragon and James Hong contributes as O-Sensei. Apart from these, Michael Jai White will be heard as Ben Turner and Josh Keaton as Jeffrey Burr.

When will the much-awaited movie be releasing?

January the 26th, 2021 is the official date of release from announcements so far. After the uncertain year that 2020 was, we now have a final day to look forward to. There’s no news of a theatre release for this movie. At the moment all we know that this is going straight to digital platforms and streaming services. For the time being, with select theatres open, we’ll not be getting movies like this on the big screen.


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