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Batman vs. Black Panther: Who Would Win If They Face Each Other

Our childhood has always been evergreen since watching the comic fighting of cat and mouse, ” Tom & Jerry “. Throughout our life, we have been witnessing several great wars for an instance, Superman vs Batman and many other. What if I talk about the war between that of Batman and Black Panther? Stunned isn’t? Well, let’s see what would be the outcome if ever by chance the two glorious superheroes meet at the single platform.

Similarities between Batman And Black Panther

The Marvel vs The DC would be so glorious war in the history of the great enterprise as choosing the real hero among both of them is a tough job. Both of them are exceptionally wonderful personality and possess equally a great talent. Both have inevitably defeated their enemies and laid them on the death platform, therefore, making any difference between them is really tough work.

Coming to the dressing style of Batman and Black Panther, both have designed their dresses in such a superficial manner, hardly, they could come in danger due to their dressing sense.

Black Panther has designed his costume with several precious jewels and expenses. It is designed in such a way that no sword or gunshot can hit him. His dress is seen acting as his main weapon. This was the story of Black Panther while talking about another side, Batman has designed in such a way that would show his highly sharp intellect behind the selection of his armors.

The only difference that could be seen among them can be said as Batman seems to take an oath for never killing his enemies while on the other side, Black Panther has drunk the spiritual drink that led him to lead his life and his kingdom in a better fantastic way.

Who is the real hero Batman or Black Panther?

There is no doubt that they both are equally the best portrait of the superhero, but as in every war there is a winner and a looser, so from this, we can say that Batman is the superhero due to his high determined deeds and courage that somehow seems to be lacking in Black Panther.
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