Benjamin Keough’s Neighbour Heard Some Strange Noises Hours Before His Death. Know Here.


On Sunday the news of Benjamin Keough’s death made everyone numb. As it was really hard to believe that the young guy is no more now. As of now, Benjamin Keough’s death was reported to be suicide. However, the Coroner Office of LA was looking into the matter. Moreover, there are speculations that the neighbors heard some unusual noise the night he was found dead. This article talks about all the angles and possibilities of his death.

Death is the ultimate Truth. (Image: Bhaskar)

Benjamin Keough’s Death a Murder?

As per reports, a lady was heard, by one of the neighbors, shouting, to not do something. Moreover, She was heard shouting, ” Please don’t do it”. Benjamin Keough’s body was found dead in Calabasas, California mansion on Sunday. However, Lisa Marie’s son was reported to commit suicide via a self-shot Gun. However, one of the neighbors told The Daily Mail, that there was a party on the night of Benjamin Keough’s death. Moreover, she told that the party went on till the early morning. She heard a woman shouting at 3:30 AM but didn’t hear any gunshot.

Is Benjamin Keough’s girlfriend the culprit?

Another neighbor heard the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Deputy talking to a girl outside Benjamin Keough’s mansion. Moreover, in the morning at 6 AM, she heard a girl whom she calls the girlfriend of Benjamin. She informed me that the girl used to come really often. So she assumed her to be Benjamin Keough’s girlfriend. She told The Daily Mail that his girlfriend seemed tense. Moreover, as per the neighbor, the girl said, ” Benjamin’s brood won’t like m, they will consider me the cause”. According to a neighbor, she felt guilty about the happenings.

What Made him commit Suicide? (Asianet News Kannada)

What neighbors have to say?

According to Alexander Freiburg, aged 67 who lived down the lane, the whole society, and the community is shocked. The news of Benjamin Keough’s death came as a shocker. As per the Daily Mail, she said what has happened is shocking and everyone is dumbstruck. No one imagined him to commit suicide. I can’t say much just hope that wherever he may be now may be at peace. Moreover, people in the neighborhood mention the Presley family as very private. We don’t call them rude but they won’t greet the people in the neighborhood.

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Is it Really suicide? (Image: The Indian Express)

News of Benjamin Keough’s death was revealed by the manager of Lisa Marie. She made people aware of the condition of Lisa after the death of her son. She said, Lisa loved her son, he was the only thing Lisa had. And now she has heartbrokenly shattered, the wound she has can’t be mended.

If you find or feel anyone being emotionally broken and think they might attempt suicide, inform the authorities.

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