Berserk Chapter 361: All Updates Here!

The Berserk Manga has its way of going into the break for a long time. The fans unwelcome this trait of the manga. But the wait for the next chapter is just about over. The fans are frustrated as Chapter 360 of the manga was released about 2 months ago, and since then they have not released any new chapters.

But to all the Berserk fans out there, the manga will be resuming this month only. In this article you will find all the latest information regarding the upcoming chapter, so here is everything you need to know about the upcoming Berserk Chapter 361.

What are the Spoilers of Berserk Chapter 361?

The storyline of Berserk is already in a very exciting mode and after Chapter 360, it has made all its fans restless for the next chapter, so prepare yourself for some epic action. Chapter 360 came out in April and since then now a new chapter has been released. Internal sources told us that chapter 361 will be very exciting, and it will pick up from the final moments of chapter 360.

Berserk Chapter 361

Rumors on the internet suggest that Chapter 361 will mark the interaction of the Skull Knight. The chapter will also focus on Casca and how she deals with her fear. Skull Knight will help Casca to deal with ‘Guts’. Guts protected Casca for years and following the reunion, everyone is excited to see what lies ahead of Guts.

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Berserk Chapter 361 will majorly shed some light on 3 main topics. The new chapter will tell us about Farnese’s future and what lies ahead for the head. Farnese has now learned advanced magic and is now on her way to hone those skills and become a new healer. Daemon’s suspense is still on the cliff-hanger which we think will be sorted out in this chapter. Last but not the least, we will see what awaits for Griffith and his kingdom.








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