BET Announces Series for Paula Patton’s Sacrifice! All Details Here!

BET has announced the ‘Sacrifice’ series. The series will be based on BET+ TV-movie/backdoor pilot that premiered last December. It marked the streaming service’s first original film and it debuted in December 2019. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming series!

BET: What’s ‘Sacrifice’ All About?

Sacrifice is a thriller movie based in Los Angeles and revolves around Daniella Hernandez (Paula Patton). She is a highly sought-after entertainment lawyer. Hernandez navigates the nefarious lives of her rich and famous clients.

Patton is all set to reprise her role in the series. Also, Marques Houston, James Trevena, Veronika Bozeman, Antonio Jackson will join her as the regular cast. Additonally, Liliana Montenegro, Michael Toland, and Nelson Bonilla will be see in the series.

BET Announces Series for Paula Patton’s Sacrifice
Source: Footage Films

The series will dive deep into Daniella’s complicated personal life. She is a recovering alcoholic and does her best to stay sober. She compensates for her suppressed addiction with men and the adrenaline. Additionally, she defends the worst in the entertainment world against an over-zealous D.A. sworn to bring them all to justice.

Daniella’s help, wisdom, and resourcefulness are all her unimpeachable clients need has. Fan loved her character who does good for bad reasons and does bad for good reasons. No matter what, Daniella always finds a way out of the trouble. Her luck, her skills, and her beauty are her invaluable attributes which always helps her find a way around.

BET Announces Series for Paula Patton’s Sacrifice
Source: Footage Films

All about the Show!

Chris Stokes, the Footage Films chairman said that Sacrifice takes an in-depth look at the entertainment business. He further said that no television show ever has offered this premise. This show will capture the music industry’s glamorous yet mysterious sides from an entertainment attorney’s perspective.

Erica Ash, Juan Antonio, and Josué Ramon Gutierrez starred in the movie but won’t we saw in the series. BET asked for free extensions from the cast members. The studio cited the production uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic as the reason. However, not all cast members agreed to do it.

BET Announces Series for Paula Patton’s Sacrifice
Source: Footage Films

The streaming service has had success in the past with turning original movies into TV series. They spawned a long-running series of the highly-rated film Being Mary Jane starring Gabrielle Union.

It is not confirmed yet as to where the series will air, on the linear network, or the streaming service BET+. The streaming service BET+ aired the movie. To endorse its streaming platform, we think that they might also air the series on it.

We will bring more insights very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!





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