Beyond Good And Evil 2: Game Development Status

Michel Ancel, Beyond Good and Evil creator, announced last month that he was going to leave the video game industry, and after that Ubisoft was asked to provide a development update on the long-in-development sequel during its second-quarter earnings call on Thursday.

Guillemot said that the game is progressing really well. The world is a fantastic world, as you could see that the online streaming service providing platform, Netflix also made a decision to take that universe to create a film with it. So, there is a lot of progress in that team, and the game is coming along very well.”

Beyond Good and Evil 2
Image Source – The Gamer

Ancel, who had recently been working on Beyond Good and Evil 2 and Wild, an adventure game, announced in the month of September that he had decided to focus on a brand new career in wildlife.

He said that his decision to step away from the games industry would not affect Beyond Good and Evil two or Wild development.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 resurfaced from an absence of over ten years at E3 2017, when Ubisoft revealed that it would take the form of a prequel.

At E3 2018, the publisher made an announcement that a partnership with LA-based HITRECORD, a “creative collaborative platform,” allowing artists to collaborate on content for the game such as poster designs, radio ads, and original music.

Beyond Good And Evil 2: Game Development Status

Ubisoft held a Beyond Good and Evil live streaming ahead of the E3 2019, but the game didn’t appear at the show itself.

It was also announced in the month of August that a feature film adaptation of Beyond Good and Evil is in Netflix’s works. Rob Letterman, who directed Goosebumps and Detective Pikachu, will lead the hybrid live-action/animated movie.

Ubisoft confirmed Earlier today, delays to Rainbow Six Quarantine, Far Cry 6, and the Avatar game in stages of development at Massive Entertainment, the studio behind The Division franchise.

Beyond Good and Evil 2
Image Source – The Gamer

There is still a lot more to do so let us do not expect a release date any time soon. However, the future goal is to put the game back in the spotlight in the year 2021 with new gameplay footage.

Also, we should learn more about the upcoming game next year, perhaps at E3, the industry-wide event should return. Well, this is an important update for the fans as it has been a really long time since we last heard about this game.

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