Big Sky Finale Spoiler: THIS Important Character Is Dead!

From the get-go, Big Sky, ABC’s new mystery drama, marking David E. Kelley‘s return to broadcast T.V., has already been marketed as a three-hander, with posters featuring Kylie Bunbury, Katheryn Winnick, and Ryan Phillippe as the three leads of the show.

That was all a ploy to protect the massive twist in the final seconds of the series premiere episode when Phillips’s character is shot dead.

Big Sky
Image Source – ABC

The shocking ending seemingly came out of nowhere as the characters of Winnick, Bunbury, and Phillippe spent the premiere going about their business and their complicated relationships with no sign that any of them was in any danger.

Phillippe said of his reaction to the big twist when offered the role during a panel held last week, that he was shocked certainly, and he thinks that is also what made him so excited about it.

Big Sky Finale Spoiler

In addition to this, he said, so often in entertainment, you can see what is coming a month away, and having moments in a series like this where it takes your breath away, when you are shocked and did not see it coming, it is exciting to him.

Big Sky is based on the book series by C.J. Box, and it follows the investigation into the mysterious kidnapping of two sisters on a remote highway in Montana.

The premiere episode followed PI Cody Hoyt, whose role is played by Phillippe, and his partner Cassie Dewell, whose role is played by Bunbury, with Cody in the middle of a love triangle that also includes Jenny, his estranged wife, whose role is played by Winnick.

Big Sky
Image Source – ABC

Bunbury also shared her reaction when she got to the end of the pilot script. She said that they read and it and said, wow, Ryan’s fans will be pretty pissed. The former Pitch starlet, the secret slip in a Good Morning America interview Tuesday morning, spoiling the giant twist hours before the premiere was aired.

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 She said to a stunned reaction from Phillippe and Winnick that she was shocked and excited that ABC took a chance like this to kill off a star like Ryan.

Winnick applauded the plot shakeup during the Big Sky panel. She said that she thinks it is such an exciting way to open up a series. There is a lot of genuine love there in many different ways between us, and to have that ending, nobody expected that.

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