Biohackers has got the greenlit for Season 2. Here are all the details about the release date, developmental status etc.

The German series air in August 2020. It follows Mia Akerlund (Luna Wedler), who is a freshman at the University Of Freiburg. She attempts to unfold the mysteries of her past, and how they connect to a secret genetics program that modifies human DNA.

The second to last episode of Biohackers season 1 circle backs to the beginning as Mia witnesses several train passengers (including Niklas) collapse. It was the outcome of a red-eyed modified mosquito that spreads “coxsackievirus.” She then tracks down Jasper and searches for information that will apparently expose Lorenz.


Biohackers Cast.
Source: Netflix

When will Biohackers Season 2 Release?

It will take a while before Netflix announces the details about the release date. Fans can expect to see season 2 in mid-2021, and even that might be a long shot for now.

For Netflix, it is not unusual to take about a year or more before moving forward with another segment of the series.

And of course, the pandemic still is in the way of filming. Despite the COVID regulations, things are moving at a tortoise pace for the production company.

It’s hard to determine if and when Biohackers season 2 will arrive, but one thing that is for sure is that when the Netflix international series returns, fans will not want to miss a second of the action!

Plot for Part 2:

Netflix hasn’t released any official synopsis for 2nd season yet. It’s safe to make an assumption about the direction that the series might go in when it comes to the plot of the Netflix original series’ next chapter.

The finale was a spine-tingling thrill ride as Mia was armed with the evidence to expose Professor Lorenz. She as well as the fans were in bafflement when Andreas Winter’s man kidnap her. Without a doubt, part 2 will put light on the ways Mia plans her escape.

Hopefully, the series will also explore more of Mia’s past and answer the big question on everyone’s mind, is Mia really Emma Angels? The arrival of Biohackers Season 2 will answer all of these questions and more.

There is still plenty of the story to tell in this exciting series. And fans everywhere should keep their fingers crossed that it all gets a chance to be told on Netflix.