Black Clover Chapter 259: Release Date, Spoilers, and Recap

Yami urges to attack and take down Dante. But he realizes that he can not do it all by himself. So he asks Asta to take down the villain with him. Asta and Yami being in close proximity are ready to square off Dante. Dante is standing boldly waiting for them to attack. This post describes Black Clover Chapter 259 release date, spoilers and a recap.

Black Clover Chapter Recap

Previously on Black Clover chapter 258, Yami manages to disintegrate Dante’s body by his blast attack. However, Dante comes back whole again and mocks Yami.

As he decided, Yami calls for Asta to finish off Dante as he manages to get up on his feet again. Yami knows that he also needed to power up and give all his strength when he fights alongside Asta so he is preparing for this face-off.

Alongside, Asta’s anti-magic swords failed to destroy Dante earlier. But, this time Yami feels that it is their only way out to harm Dante. Asta also wishes to power up so he is summoning his devil to help him achieve it. But, the devil asks for Asta’s body in exchange for the strength.

Some Spoilers

In the coming episode, Black Clover 259, Dante is assumed to use more than 70% of his devil’s strength. It’s interesting how he will achieve it as it is impossible to do all by himself. Also, fans are eager to see how Dante will fight back and face Yami and Asta.

Source: Spoiler Guy

Will Asta be able to unleash his devil magic powers? Will Dante get any help or back up? If not so, then will Chapter 259 be his end?

In addition to that, if Dante gets defeated, Dark Triad’s next would be awaiting. Lolopechka and Noelle’s fight with Vanica may also feature in Black Clover episode 259.

Black Clover Chapter 259: Release Date

Black Clover episode releases on every Sunday. So chapter 259 was expected on July 26. BUT, there will be a break for this release. So fans will get the new episode i.e Chapter 259 on Aug 2 as per Otakukart.

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