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Black Clover Chapter 271: Asta Is Getting Stronger!

Black Clover Manga is a mangaka work created by Yuki Tabata. The manga surfaced on February 16, 2015. In a little amount of time, the series has managed to establish a name of its own. The franchise, both manga, and anime are among the most-followed and anticipated in the entire community. Although, it is still not the best one in its respective genre. But, with the unique storyline and a bunch of intriguing characters, the series continues to remain on the top tier list.

Initially, most of the people started watching Black Clover just out of curiosity and to kill time. But, now along the way, the anime started to grow on them. People began realizing how awesome the series is. Now, as every chapter goes by, the story gets more intense than ever. And, on a whole, the franchise has now started to get assistance from around the globe. Numerous theories are surfacing the web. The stakes are getting higher as the story gets even more detailed. Right now, the story jumps from one battlefield to another.

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With all said, let’s talk about the release date of Chapter 271. Also, make sure to check out the Official Streaming Platform for the anime. And, while you’re at it, go through a quick recap of Chapter 270.

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Black Clover
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Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 271 will be released on Sunday, 8 November 2020. Note that all the new chapters of this manga are out every Sunday.

Quick Recap of Black Clover Chapter 270

Liebe told Asta that his attacks won’t work against a high ranking devil magic. All the time he felt empty with an aim of killing the devil to do that he has to take Asta’s body. Asta is fighting to take Liebe’s body so that he can command the devil.

Asta’s effort is just paying off and Liebe noticed it. Nacht also notices that Liebe’s opponent is not just some guy who can’t use magic it is a guy who can’t use magic who has defeated many tough devils.

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Black Clover
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Where To Read Black Clover Chapter 271?

You can read all the previous as well as the upcoming chapters of Black Clover here. The links are given below.

Note that these are the official platforms for reading the manga. Always use the official/legal sites. They not only help the creators but also promotes their work.

Black Clover Synopsis

Asta and Yuno are orphans raised in the outskirts of the Clover Kingdom. In a world where people are born with magic, Asta was born without any. In contrast, Yuno was born a prodigy with above-average magic power and the talent to control it. Additionally, in their coming of age ceremony, Yuno receives a rare four-leaf clover grimoire, like the original  Magic Emperor. On the other hand, Asta received a tattered grimoire where a Devil lies within, a five-leaf clover grimoire.

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The story follows Asta and Yuno as they crawl their way up the ladder of the Clover Kingdom’s Order of the Magic Knights, in the midst of scrutiny by the nobles, to become the Magic Emperor. However, the title is only preserved for a single mage. Who will attain the coveted title of the strongest mage in the kingdom, Asta or Yuno?

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