Black Clover: New Arc Begins Next Week!

Black Clover is definitely one of the best and most exciting anime out there. They have just announced that their next arc will begin next week. The anime is all about new adventures and exploring the training arc’s wild world.

The next phase is going to get bigger and better. The story will get to the next level. The anime earlier promised their fans an anime-original training arc. They have confirmed that the new arc will begin next month, so get ready!

Black Clover
Source: Crunchyroll

Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming arc!

Black Clover: New Arc Begins

The anime’s official twitter account revealed the information. An anime fan asked when the next arc will begin. To this, they replied, “next week” and it took the fans by a storm.

Check out the official post below!

As of now, we do not have much information about the upcoming arc’s details. We do know that the new arc is going to be completely original. This means that it will not be taken from the manga. It has no manga counterpart whatsoever. It is an entirely new storyline. Creator Yuki Tabata and the rest of the crew have written the new storyline together. So needless to say, but this arc is going to be a blast!

The new arc’s announcements were first made back in March. Fans are glad it is now finally going live. Shueisha promised Tabata is going to be a part of the anime-original story. This reassures our excitement that the new is going to be just as great as its predecessors and even better. Also, the given Heart Kingdom saga’s replacements spark more curiosity for the upcoming arc.

Black Clover
Source: Crunchyroll

All About The Upcoming Episode!

The anime’s upcoming episode is all set to land on Tuesday, 1 September 2020, at 6:25 PM JST.

In the new episode, all of them together go inside the BB squad house and they start discussing the upcoming battle.

Makusa reveals that Sally is going to forge a magical item to help them win the battle. Sally is planning to experiment with Asta and others to gather some data for the item. Asta quickly removes his robe and flaunts his muscles and tells Sally that she can do anything with his body.

Noelle calls Asta stupid and says that Sally might dissect him. Sally says that will experiment last on Asta as he is the special one. Noelle thinks that the royals should be excluded from the experiment. Marx asks where the other BB members were as he cannot find anyone. Asta says that they might be either on a mission or training for the battle.

Black Clover
Source: Crunchyroll

Sally later conducts her experiments on the BB members. Marx says that Masuka will take the results back to the capital. He will inspect and analyze the results carefully and will create the magic item.

We will bring more insights very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!



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