Black Clover Season 4: First Promo Gives Important Updates!

Black Clover Season 4 is getting more and more exciting even before its release. Funimation recently teased the dub debut for Black Clover Season 4. The streaming service releases the information while teasing their Fall 2020 anime line up.

Black Clover’s SimulDub release is currently making its way through its third licensed season as we speak. The third season is done with nearly 134 episodes under its belt. The streaming giant also announced that they are released the third season’s dubbed episodes as well. The major surprise was the confirmation that the dub will continue into the future with far more episodes.

Watch the official tweet below!

Black Clover Season 4: All about the New Announcement!

Funimation also shared an amazing trailer covering most of the first three season’s greatest moments. This means that one thing’s for sure, Black Clover is going to be back with another great season.

Black Clover Season 4
Source: Funimation

The anime’s third season will have at least 153 Episodes and after that, the fourth season will kick in. Also, the English license breaks the anime down into 51 episode seasons for easier watching.

Is the Fourth Season Confirmed?

Earlier, there were rumors that the anime will take a break after the third season. However, this new announcement confirms otherwise. As of now, the anime’s third season will continue for a few more episodes. Currently, Episode 149 is in writing as we speak (or read).

The anime is gearing up for the massive, already a fan favorite, Spade Kingdom arc soon.

Black Clover Season 4
Source: Funimation

Black Clover: So, what’s the anime all about?

At the beginning of Black Clover, we saw a priest fids two abandoned babies at his church steps. Asta and Yuno were left behind by their families at the church. The priest takes then in and provides them with a home at the church’s orphanage. In their world, acquiring magic is no luxury but a necessity.

Asta and Yuno start their training in magic. Yuno shows some promising abilities, whereas Asta seems to have no abilities at all. Asta hits on Sister Lily and always rejected by her. His behavior makes him the laughing stock of his village.

Asta’s True Potential!

Eventually, the time for Grimoire Acceptance Ceremony for the magicians arrives. Much to our expectation, Yuno gets rewarded with a four-leaf clover. But Asta receives nothing at all. His jealously makes him challenge Yuno, but he gets ignored.

When Yuno steps out of the ceremony’s venue, a bunch of nobles attacks him. He manages to fight them off but struggles to defeat a former magical knight who comes right after them. Asta tries to fight the knight but he also gets defeated.

Black Clover Season 4
Source: Funimation

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This fight unravels Asta’s true potential. Yuno encourages Asta to get back up and fight. Asta defeats the knight and finally manages to acquire a rare five-leaf clover. With Asta’s newfound abilities, the knight does not stand a chance and id forced to surrender. This event marks the inception of the magical adventure that awaits the two young boys.

We will bring more details very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for the latest updates!





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