Black Clover: What Will Happen Next In Episode 148?

Black Clover is a mangaka work created by Yuki Tabata. In only a little time, it has become one of the most-watched and highly anticipated anime. The story tells us about the journey of Asta, a young boy and yuno witch who is of course to become a magic emperor in the wizarding world. The journey in which he might become the strongest wizard in the future and defeat the magic villains to save the world.

Initially, most of the people started watching Black Clover just out of curiosity and to kill time. But, now along the way, people have started to realize how awesome this anime is.

It also sports some well-choreographed and animated fight scenes. And, the storyline along with the characters get better and interesting with every episode. You just need a few episodes to fall in love with this series.

Now, over the years it has molded an identity of its own. Until now we’ve had 147 brilliant episodes. So, with all said, let’s talk about the release date of Episode 148. Also, go through the summary of Episode 147.  And, while you’re at it you can also have a look at the official streaming platforms for the anime.

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Release Date of Black Clover Episode 148

Black Clover Episode 148 will be released on Tuesday, 20 October 2020, at 6:25 PM JST. The Episode is titled “Becoming the Light That Shines Through the Darkness“. Also, watch the preview of Episode 147 here.


Summary of Black Clover Episode 147

The Devil Believers continue their arduous trek across Breed Mountain. When three Black Bulls spot the line of people, Magna Swing attempts to contact Yami Sukehiro. But, the region’s strong mana interferes with the magic tool. Magna flies off to fetch the captain, while Asta and Noelle Silva head out to confront the Devil Believers. Asta starts climbing up the mountainside, and Noelle flies up with her Valkyrie Dress and offers to let Asta hold onto her.

When they reach the line of the Devil Believers, Asta lets go of Noelle and drops down into the line. To his surprise, many of the Devil Believers kneel down before him. After a discussion about Dazu Tayak’s motivation for seeking devil powers, Asta willingly allows himself and Noelle to be taken prisoner in exchange for the release of Secre Swallowtail. However, the Devil Believers decide to keep all three as gifts for the Spade Kingdom.

As the Devil Believers reach the border, Magna comes flying in with Yami in the Crazy Crazy Cyclone, intercepting them.

Black Clover Episode 147

Where can I Watch Episode 148?

You can watch episode 148 as well as all the previous episodes of the anime on  Crunchyroll and Funimation. They are available with Original Japanese audio and English Subtitles.

Where To Read Black Clover Manga?

While you’re watching the anime, you can also try reading the manga. You can read all the chapters released to date, here. The links are given below.

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I’m sure you all have your theories/predictions about the upcoming episodes. Feel free to share them with us in the comments section below. 😀

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