Black Mirror Creator In Work For Making 2020 Mockumentary!

Black Mirror‘ creator Charlie Brooker is said to reunite with Netflix for a mockumentary on the year 2020. The year embodying the coronavirus pandemic and possibly the worst year of our lives.

The new show will feature Hugh Grant, the famous Notting Hill star. Netflix is keeping details the hidden under the carpet. The British actor spilt the bean revealing that he is playing a “repellent” historian with a wig in the series.

Brooker returns to the BBC with a special episode painting the pandemic picture in his famous Annual Wipe series. It is a darkly comic hark back at the news events and cultural moments of the year, in May.

Charlie Brooker and Hugh Grant to Work Together in 2020 Mockumentary.
Source: Netflix

Living Through the 2020 Horror Story!

This year has been by far the worst that we’ve ever had the displeasure of experiencing. At least for most of us. Now, that’s not to say it was entirely horrible, because there were some light moments in a cave of utter darkness. The problem with that is they were such a precious few, we can probably count them on fingers.

Brooker will have plenty to mine for the mockumentary. There is no shortage of global events to parody, from the COVID pandemic to the US presidential election.

Brooker has a mysterious skill of demonstrating the current spirits people feel. He put the use of this ability into with Black Mirror, and this new mockumentary will prove to be no exception.

Hugh Grant to Star in 2020 Mockumentary.
Source: Netflix

About Charlie Brooker:

Charlton Brooker is an English television presenter, author, producer, screenwriter, satirist and social critic. He is the creator and co-showrunner of the sci-fi series Black Mirror. Charlie has also written comic series such as Brass Eye, The 11 O’clock Show and Nathan Barley.

He presents various television shows, mostly consisting of satirical and biting criticism of modern society and the media. Brooker also wrote the five-part horror drama series Dead Set.

Charlie is renowned for the Netflix anthology series, Black Mirror, that deals with controversial and polemic topics in an apocalyptic manner.

Charlie Brooker, creator of Black Mirror.
Source: Netflix

The fifth season of “Black Mirror”, a dystopian sci-fi show which presents a bleak outlook of human dependence on technology. It premiered on Netflix in June 2019. It starred the likes of Miley Cyrus, Andrew Scott and Anthony Mackie.



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