Black Widow To Not Release On Streaming Platforms Reportedly! Only Theatrical Release?

Black Widow reportedly isn’t being considered for straight-to-streaming release. Know why?!

Disney is in no mood to take anything less for Black Widow than a theatrical release. Disney has a streaming service called Disney Plus. There wouldn’t have been a doubt for any other time, but this time that the pandemic has taken over any things going on in the world, lot of productions are considering the OTT platforms for their movies. One of the most shocking announcements of these was when Warner Bros. said Wonder Woman 1984 would release on HBO Max and theatres on the same day!

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What the makers have to say?

Sources inform that the makers are not considering the streaming option yet even though many other Disney movies like Cruella, Pinocchio, and Peter Pan and Wendy will release on Disney plus. The network made a similar decision with Mulan, which premiered on Disney Plus instead of the cinemas. Disney was reportedly overwhelmed with movie’s success on the streaming platform. 

Black Widow

Check out the trailer below:


Black Widow is a long-awaited solo movie. Millions appreciated the character of Natasha Romanoff, and it was long due that the name gets a proper sign-off after what happened in Endgame(oops spoiler!!!). There are some immensely proficient actors in the movie, and Florence Pugh is one of them. Recently in an interview, she spilt the beans about the film and her character, Yelena Belova. 

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Snap from the trailer of Black Widow (Source: Marvel)

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“This film is about the abuse of women. It’s about how they get involuntary hysterectomies by the age of eight. It’s about girls who are stolen from around the world. It’s so painful, and it’s so important,” said Pugh, before noting that this is still a superhero movie that sees its heroes rise. “The best thing about that is, it’s not layered with this colour of grey. You’ll see these women strive and be strong, and they’re assassins – and yet they still need to discuss how they were abused. It’s an incredibly powerful piece.”

Release date?

Black Widow is set to release on May 7, 2021. If COVID-19 continues to be a significant problem across the world into 2021 and theatres aren’t in a position to host big enough audiences to support a blockbuster of Black Widow’s size, then Disney and Marvel will undoubtedly reconsider this stance.


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