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Blindspot Season 5 Finale : Is Jane Dead Or Alive?

NBC aired the finale episode of Blindspot on 23rd July 2020. The show ended in a similar fashion in which it began- with Jane Doe, in a body bag, at Times Square. The final episode is an emotional rollercoaster for the viewers because of the tension of diffusing the ZIP bomb, various cameos, and the big question: Is Jane dead or alive?

Watch the trailer if you haven’t seen the episode yet. “SPOILER ALERT”.


When interviewed, the creator of the show Martin Gero said they wanted the end to be ambiguous. He said that it took 5 years thousands of people and ultimate ingenuity to make the show what it was. To give their views the perfect finale, they tried putting every element from all the seasons into the last episode. As intended, the finale indeed left most of its viewers in tears.

The final ride in blindspot.

We see in the 10th episode that Ivy poisons Jane with the ZIP. As a result of this, Jane starts to have hallucinations. Through these hallucinations, Jane not only finds the answers for her present situation but also remembers her prior like as Remi completely.

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As she notices that the drug effect was somehow helping her in her current situation, she denies taking the second injection of the antidote by Patterson. Jane has been under the effect of the ZIP before as well, hence the consequences were much worse for her this time which may lead to death. Somehow she and Kurt defuses the ZIP bomb but we see that she collapses right after.

In the final scene, we see them leaving the office and then at the dinner where there an extremely warm environment. The viewers were glad to see the team that was formed over 5 years, gathered once more. Everyone is having a brief conversation indicating what they were up to next. The camera shifts at Jane and she thinks of time square where her body was stuffed in the body bag and here it all ends.

scene from the finale episode
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Is Jane dead? what did you probably miss?

The title of the 100th episode of blindspot is a palindrome “Ennui Iunne“. This indicates that the end of the story is exactly how its beginning was. Also, the word Ennui means ‘boredom arising from lack of excitement’ which could literally indicate death.

It is known that Jane was hallucinating throughout the finale episode. Hence there is a possibility that the dinner was a hallucination in Jane’s head.

The dinner.
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The 5th season was the last one as declared by the creators. Yet, we have got some birds chirping that there is a possibility of a spinoff with Patterson and Rich. If that is true, the fans are in for a treat. Many fans are hoping for a 6th season which doesn’t have many possibilities. But watching the team and their adventure on the screen once more, would be a fiesta for all.




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