Bob’s Burgers season 11: Everything you should know!!

Bob’s Burgers is an American animated comedy series. The series is currently running on its 10th season.

All thanks to Loren Bouchard, who created this show back in 2011, and since then, it has won millions of hearts and became a common name in every house. This show was also his official debut. There have been a lot of rumors related to season 11 of this series, so here is everything we have summoned about the upcoming Bob’s Burgers Season 11.

It is now officially confirmed that there would be a season 11 for this series. Gear up your belts because this season is going to be a lot funnier than the previous seasons, and we expect that there will be a slight change in the direction of the series, but until it gets confirmed officially, let’s take it with a pinch of salt.

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Plot of Bob’s Burgers Season 11?

Bob’s Burgers s revolves around the life of Bob Belcher and his family. It shows how adventurous life they live and how they always try their best to keep the family stick together, while running Bob’s dream restaurant.

There is no such news of what all adventure Bob and his family will bring to its audience, however, in the upcoming season,  so let’s just wait till May 17 to see how it shapes up season 11.

All the Bob’s Burger’s fans out, there is another good news for you all. Apart from season 11, a film is also in progress and will release soon. During an interview, Bouchard said:

“They are extremely ‘thrilled’ to present the family on the big screens, and added that the film would be for all people, even for those who haven’t watched a single episode. He ended by saying that Bob would be in the adventure of his life, and the film would be ‘the best movie ever made.'”

 The cast of Season 11

The cast for the upcoming 11th season might include:

  • H. Jon Benjamin as Bob Belcher
  • Dan Mintz as Tina Belcher
  • Eugene Mirman as Gene Belcher
  • John Roberts as Linda Belcher
  • Kristen Schaal as Louise Belcher
  • Larry Murphy as Teddy
  • David Herman as Mr. Frond
  • Bobby Tisdale as Zeke
  • Andy Kindler as Mort
  • Sarah Silverman as Ollie
  • Jenny Slate as Tammy
  • Laura Silverman as Andy
  • Jay Johnston as Jimmy Pesto

When is Bob’s Burgers Season 11 Release Date?

We expect that Bob’s Burger season 11 will release by September 2021, but there are no official announcements regarding it.

The show is a hit and is extremely popular and has known to gather a massive audience since its first season, and looking upon the recent stats Bob’s Burgers Season 10 is now averaging a rating of 0.76 in the demographic range of 18-49.

So to all those who haven’t even watched a single episode, make sure you don’t miss this out!!

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