Boruto Chapter 49 Release date, Recap and More

Boruto Chapter 49 is just on the doorstep and there’s no doubt that the manga has been on absolute fire! The latest chapters have riled up the Naruto and Boruto fandom. And just maybe, it has the potential to surpass Naruto.

Fans are worried that Boruto 49 manga chapter will kill some major characters. The creator Ukyō Kodachi has hinted the same. So without any further ado, let’s get straight to the release date, recap, and more 😉

When will the next chapter release?

Boruto Chapter 49 is scheduled to release at midnight JST on Thursday, August 20. For the previous 15 chapters, the Boruto manga series has always released on the 20th of each month. But only chapter 47, Predestined Fate, was released on 18 June.

Recapturing Boruto Chapter 48

Chapter 48 of “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” named “Time Limit” starts with Koji Kashin and Isshiki’s battle. Isshiki is much stronger now than he was as Jigen. But Kashin Koji keeps fighting although his attacks have no effect. Isshiki states that his body is too weak to handle his power and he can only stay alive for two or three days.

Isshiki reveals that Amado is using Konoha to kill him and Koji is just a pawn. Amado is given citizenship in Konoha. Amado reveals that Koji isn’t strong enough to beat Isshiki and so Naruto and Sasuke will have to do it. But he advises against it.


Amado informs that Kawaki is the only target and Isshiki will come for him to plant the seed. He will probably get past Naruto and Sasuke to come for Kawaki. So it is best to evacuate the village. Sai gets to it. Next, Kawaki has to be hidden somewhere with Naruto and Sasuke protecting him.

Later, Koji attacks again using Giant Flame Bombs. Koji is aware that Isshiki’s secret jutsu Sukunahikona is an ocular jutsu, and it only activates when sees the target.

Isshiki escapes using Secret jutsu, Daikokuten, and Koji is crushed under pillars. Isshiki plans to kill Amado too, as he betrayed them both. Later, Koji summons a frog and escapes.

Right after the fight, Isshiki immediately teleports to Konoha Village. As he arrives, Naruto is still having an argument with Boruto. Their argument is stopped when Naruto receives the news of an unknown chakra entering the Konoha.


Predictions for the upcoming chapters

The upcoming chapter might change Boruto forever. Some predictions hint that the manga won’t end well for Naruto and the others. Isshiki has finally overtaken Jigen’s body and floats over the Konoha village, eyeing to destroy it.

Naruto and Sasuke will fight Isshiki. But as we know the Otsutsuki is too powerful to be taken down. This just looks like Pain Invasion once more. But, the opponent is far stronger than Pain. This might be Sasuke and Naruto’s last battle somehow.
We might also see the entrance of other loyal members of Kara.

Check out these amazing fan theories which include Chapter 49 and beyond.


Where can I read Boruto Manga?

You can read the manga and the upcoming chapters here. The links are given below.

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