Boruto Episode 172: Training is Finally Over!

Boruto Episode 172 is just around the corner. This anime is a spinoff of one of the most popular anime franchises of all time. It has a pretty rough start but now it’s almost reaching its 200-episode mark. This anime has managed to create its unique identity. It is no longer under ‘Naruto’ anime’s shadow. This is a must-watch anime. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming episode.

Boruto Episode 172: Release Date

Boruto is ‘Naruto Shippuden’ anime’s direct sequel. It premiered on April 5, 2017. This new episode is all set to land on Sunday, 31 October 2020, at 5:30 PM JST.

Source: Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll and Hulu air the anime in its original Japanese audio and English subtitles. Viz Media airs the anime’s English dubbed version.

What happened in the last episode?

In the anime’s previous episode, we saw that Boruto’s one of the greatest rivals of all time is back. Shojoji is back and now it’s time to see Boruto’s real strength. Shojoji tells Boruto that he has not forgotten him. He also knows how powerful he is.

Shojoji was actually in the prison. Sasuke said that if he fights Boruto and survives and wins that fight, then they will reduce his sentence. Shojoji remembers the last time they fought and how Boruto overpowered him. This time, he is fully motivated so it’s not going to be easy.

They remove Shojoji’s cuffs and the fight begins. Later in the fight, Shojoji praises Boruto’s Jutsu. Boruto has worked really hard to fully master his new Rasengan. This fight is going to his test.

Boruto Masters Rasengan!

Boruto overpowers Shojoji with his new style. Shojoji’s old fighting techniques are a no match to Boruto’s new Rasengan. Also, Kakashi notices his performance and gets impressed. He now is satisfied that all that training has not gone into vain. They trained day and night and moved mountains to achieve such mastery. Finally, all of that is paying off.

Shojoji VS Boruto
Source: Crunchyroll

Also, Shojoji praises Boruto. He cannot read any of his attacks and so losses the fight eventually. For now, Boruto has mastered Rasengan’s highest level and Kakashi is satisfied with it. He thinks that Boruto is now ready for his future battles.

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On the other hand, Sarada’s parents train her very hard. Sarada manages to pass every test they gave her and came out with flying colors. Now, the entire Team 7 has completed its training. New adventures await them and their future endeavors will test their capabilities.

We will bring more details very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!

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