Boruto Has Got His Best Ever Mentor! Know Who!

Boruto has finally found the best mentor he was looking for. No, it’s not his dad but someone from the original Naruto anime. We saw what happened when Kara sent the merciless Deepa to retrieve the Hashirama Cell. Team 7 is currently at its lowest and in a very bad position.

The kids thought that can defeat Deepa together. They completely overlooked and underestimated her capabilities. Deepa almost killed them all. Mitsuki’s last-ditch heroics saved the ninjas and they were able to escape Deepa’s rage.

Boruto Finds Perfect Mentor!

After that, the team heads back home to heal their injuries. On the way. Boruto finds his perfect mentor ever. At first, we all thought that it was Naruto, however, it’s someone much better suited to the job: Kakashi.

Naruto and Boruto’s personalities don’t match. Naruto needs someone who’d listen to him in his older years, while his son is just impatient and impetuous. Also, Naruto is always busy and cannot fully become Boruto’s mentor. He feels like his dad is being taken away from him. He also realizes that the Hokage has to protect the entire village.

Kakashi is a versatile person and knows exactly how to handle different personalities and temperaments. After all, he has trained Naruto and also worked with Itachi. Additionally, he has trained Sasuke and Sakura – all having very different personalities.

Boruto and Sarada decide to level up soon after they are healed fully. Kakashi immediately feels that something bad will happen. Naruto and Kakashi had a father-son-like relationship, and Naruto always drove him crazy. Needless to say, Boruto going to be the same, or even worse.

Why Kakashi?

Kakashi is an ideal mentor figure. Kakashi knows how to look beneath a man’s warrior surface. Also, as Boruto wants to defeat Rasengan, there’s no one better to train him then Kakashi. Kakashi perfect all of Naruto’s move and he will do the same with Boruto. Kakashi had a great relationship with Naruto’s dad and also was a huge fan of his grandfather.

Boruto is quite reckless, but Kakashi knows how to deal with this as he trained Naruto. Kakashi was the one who handed the Hokage job to Naruto. He knows exactly what traits to mold, and he adapts his teaching methods according to his students.

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Kakashi can mend Boruto in the best way possible and help him maximize his potential. The duo time together is going to be hilarious as Boruto is even more mischievous than Naruto. Training Boruto is also going to an ultimate test for Kakashi.

We will bring more insights very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!




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