Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: Deepa is here!

After a prolonged period, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is finally prepared to bring the Kara Organisation into the world of anime. This is going to result in some groundbreaking events in the series. Kara is one of the biggest elements that are taking place in the events of the manga. With that, the anime is once again adding in some new elements to the proceedings.

They have created a brand new member of the rogue ninja band in the form of Deepa. Judging from the recent promo, very little is known about this anime only villain. But, considering the company he keeps, he is sure to strike down some serious trouble for Konoha.

People who were not so pleased with Boruto: Naruto Next Generations might change their opinions when this arc hits its peak. This arc looks very promising and is sure to bring the fans on their knees with plot twists and surprises.

Check this out for some fan predictions/theories about Kara’s New Member Deepa In Boruto: Naruto Next Generations


The recent promo of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations gives us our first look into the newest diabolical member of the Kara Organization. Appearing in the same traditional hoodie as his fellow members of Kara, Deepa is seen jubilantly taking a bite of some fruit while jumping off a cliff. Giving some real badass vibes.


What do you think of this newest member Deepa and the ongoing arc? What will happen to Konoha? Have any predictions/theories? Please enlighten us in the comments section.

In the manga, the Kara Organization is currently facing a civil war of its own. The members are rebelling against the group’s leader, Jigen. The Civil War is already causing some unnecessary problems for Konoha. You can catch up with the manga chapters here on or

There are still some Boruto fans, be it anime or manga, who still do not fully understand the complexity of the Kara organization! Those who are calling Kara a knock off of the Akatsuki might be wrong. As the truth is that Kara is set up in a way that far surpasses what the Akatsuki were. And the foundation is set for the Kara organization to have an impact that one day surpasses what Akatsuki did in the Naruto franchise!

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In this video, many levels to the Kara organization are broken down. The roles of the Kara Outer Members and the superhumanly powerful Inner Members to the Mysterious Elders In Kara.



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