Boruto: Orochimaru Back To Evil Motives Again?

Boruto manga is on a very interesting stage right now and here’s a new surprising development. Orochimaru has always been the series’ one of the most notorious villains ever since the Naruto franchise. Here’s everything you need to know about that this villain is planning now!

Boruto: Orochimaru Past!

Orochimaru is using science and various experiments to power up his body. Fortunately, he becomes successful and redeems himself to help Naruto‘s alliance takedown Kaguya’s forces. However, Orochimaru has shown in the Boruto series that he might still be a threat to the world. He still has the potential to revert to his sly ways.

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Sasuke Shinden: The Teacher’s Star Pupil novel revealed that Team 7 has been training with Sasuke. The later in Naruto: Shippuden, Orochimaru becomes obsessed with the Uchiha clan. Orochimaru used his curse many times to get his essence into Sasuke and Itachi’s bodies. Orochimaru thinks that both of them are perfect ninjas.

He also tried to place a snake bite on Itachi. Orochimaru failed in this as well. Sasuke hears that Orochimaru is his mentor and he becomes very excited about it. Little does he know, this might become a huge problem for him. Mitsuki finds it a bit awkward when Orochimaru asks Sasuke how is he back from Ranger duty.

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Sasuke does not know Orochimaru’s full history, but it’s good that Mitsuki is suspicious about his actions. Orochimaru might periodically update the kid’s body from time to time, and program Mitsuki. Then Mitsuki will place a seal on Sasuke or his daughter, Sarada. This will end Orochimaru’s research that he started many years ago. Additionally, Orochimaru can easily alter the kid’s memories, so there’s potential to make him a sleeper agent.

What’s He Up To Now?

In the Boruto manga’s current arc, Deepa has badly damaged Mitsuki. Kara’s Joker has also cut loose and beat up Team 7. Mitsuki then went into Sage Mode to save his friends, and the older clone, Log, is monitoring what’s happening closely. He also knows that Orochimaru is sentimentally attached to Mitsuki. However, this is because he is too protective of his son, Susake.

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Orochimaru has already experimented with Hashirama’s (the first Hokage) DNA. So, there’s always a chance that he will get back to his evil activities. Also, Orochimaru’s work augmented Kabuto and turned him into a snake monster. So no one is keeping tabs on what Orochimaru is doing.

Additionally, he can easily create a new Mitsuki and can then infiltrate Konoha. The snake ninja’s true motives are still unknown. We will only get to know the truth when he discussed his past with Sasuke.

We will bring more details very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!





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