Boss Baby 2 Movie Star Cast Revealed: Jeff Goldblum, James Marsden And More

The Boss Baby: Family Business has revealed some of the new cast members, Jeff Goldblum, Eva Longoria, and James Marsden onto the project. The series is pulling in quite the A-list cast, as the actors such as James Marsden, Eva Longoria, and Jeff Goldblum have signed onto the sequel. Boss Baby 2 is intended to be a follow-up to the first film, which follows the story of Tim Templeton and Ted, his ridiculously mature younger brother, who is also known as Boss Baby or The Boss.

The Boss Baby 2
Image Source – SyFy

Although the first part of the franchise was called a somewhat generic animated movie by the reviewers of the series, it still somehow managed to fare quite well at the box office and turned out to be a strong financial showing for both the Dreamworks and Universal.

As a result of this, the second part of the series is scheduled for the release in the next year in the month of March. While the plot of the sequel has not been revealed yet, the directors of the second part of the series has confirmed that Alec Baldwin is going to return to give his voice to the suit-clad Boss Baby.

Boss Baby 2 Star Cast Revealed

There have been some reports that suggest that several other stars have also joined the cast of the sequel including Marsden, Goldblum, and Longoria, among all of the others. Longoria and Marsden are confirmed to be giving their voices to the parents of Tabitha, who is a young 7-year-old girl who idolizes Ted and has an IQ of genius level.

On the other hand, Goldblum will be voicing the founder of the Acorn Center for Advanced Childhood, which the school that Tabitha attends. In addition to this, Lisa Kudrow and Jimmy Kimmel are all set to make their return as the voice artists of the parents of Ted.

The Boss Baby 2
Image Source – SyFy

Tom McGrath, the director, looks back at his experience on the first part fondly and has high hopes from the second film. He states that he is extremely lucky to work alongside such a talented bunch of actors and is excited to bring the characters to life within the sequel.

He also stresses the importance of creative freedom and the notes that he encourages “subtle adjustments” and “improvisation” of the lines as needed in order to fully create a character. Such a perspective is likely welcome news for cast members, most of whom have comedic backgrounds and will shine when given the opportunity to put their own unique twists on their characters.

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