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Briana DeJesus Talks About Kailyn Lowry’s Arrest; Is It Getting Nastier?

Briana DeJesus says that she and Kailyn Lowry finally appeared together during the new reunion taping of Teen Mom 2, and she added that Kail was cold and immature. She said that maybe Kail was worried about her recent arrest. It has been a stressful week for Kailyn Lowry, and this week was all capped off by an intense encounter with the enemy, Briana DeJesus, during the reunion taping of the tenth season of Teen Mom 2 on October 29.

Briana said that the 28 years old actress was really cold and refused to even speak to her when Brian tried to tell Kais that she wished her nothing but the best going forward. Now the 26 years old enemy of Kail is spilling the coffee about what really went down at the virtual reunion between the two.

Briana DeJesus and Kailyn Lowry
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The taping took place just as it was revealed on October 29 that Kail had been arrested on September 26 for allegedly punching her ex-husband, Chris Lopez, after he had their three years old son, Lux’s long hair cut off behind the back of Kailyn.

Briana DeJesus Talks About Kailyn Lowry’s Arrest 

These ladies have not shared a reunion stage since after Briana DeJesus dated ex-husband of Kailyn Lowry, Javi Marroquin, in 2017-2018; he is also the father of Lincoln, Kailyn’s six years old son. They ended up getting involved in a heated fight during the reunion of the show in the year 2018. While Jave and Bri’s romance is now a part of the history, the frostiness from Kail is still there.

Briana told Celebuzz that the reunion was super awkward in general, especially during the last segment, which was when we were brought out altogether, virtually, of course. She added that this was actually the first time that she and Kail appeared on the camera together since their infamous fight, which, by the way, occurred years ago, and to her, at least, is LONG in the past.

Briana DeJesus and Kailyn Lowry | Fight in 2018
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Reunion host, “Dr. Drew decided to ask Kailyn how it was to see me on camera and how she felt about it. In true Kailyn fashion, she was exceptionally cold and said that she did not care to comment,” Briana alleges. “I have been clear in the past that I am over the drama from past years. So I decided to pipe in to comment.

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 I told Kail that it was not that serious; I was happy to see her and wishes her nothing but the best going forward. At that point, Kailyn still refused to comment and did not say anything.”

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