Briarpatch: USA Cancels Rosario Dawnson Starrer Series After First Season

What happened to the show Briarpatch?

On 17th July, it came out that Rosario Dawson’s series Briarpatch won’t be returning for the audience with another season which is the second season. On Thursdays, USA Network has decided to cancel the show after one season which is confirmed on Twitter by Showrunner Andy Greenwald.

Any official staements?

They posted by saying, “Hello Friends, just wanted to inform the audience and fans about a sad news before someone else comes out and tell it to you all. BRIARPATCH won’t be retrived for it’s Second Season at YSA, ” . Adding to that Greenwald said “Though I’ve known for months, it’s still a bummer.”
Until I find out what happened to my sister. Image: Google
“We had an amazing story planned for S2 and I was lucky enough to work with the most amazing writers and crew, all of whom were itching to get back to work,” he said. “I think we were going to do something special. And, hey, maybe we still will.”
However, Greenwald said “If people keep watching it on demand then anything’s possible” for Briarpatch’s. With the emotional touch that the series was the best experience of his life.

What is Brirpatch all about?

The series, Briarpatch was based on the novel of Toss Thomas with the same title which was about an anthology. The first season showed Allegra “Pick” Dill, for her sister killer an investigating search.
There was a breakout at the zoo. Image: Google
In February on USA Network, co-starred Jay R. Ferguson, Brian Geraghty, Edi Gatbegi, and Kim Dicken was premiered.
Briarpatch received positive review but the only drawback was a substantial audience. Whereas, in Live + Same Day viewers were averaged under 500,000.
Briarpatch drama was led by Rasorio Daeson which is now canceled for the second season. The final and official decision of USA Network is not to give This triller of Rosario Dawson’s crime retrieval. As the first season was concluded in 10 episodes so the cancellation came after over 2 months since the 1st season in April.
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