Bride Of Frankenstein; Role Of Scarlett Johansson Explained

Scarlett Johansson, the actress who played the role of Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is all set to star and produce a new riff on the Frankenstein story, titled, Bride of Frankenstein, for the online streaming service providing platform of the tech giant, Apple TV Plus, and A24.

While the Bride of Frankenstein is an iconic movie monster, she tends to play second fiddle to the men in most of the adaptations and, indeed, the original novel of Mary Shelley, something that the director of the show, Sebastian Lelio and Scarlett Johansson aim to rectify with their new interpretation of the classic tale. 

Scarlett Johansson in Bride of Frankenstein
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Shelley’s Frankenstein was first published in the year 1818, and it is commonly referred to as the first sci-fi story though it certainly includes more than a few elements of gothic horror and it remains one of the most widely adapted books of all time. While the novel of Shelley can certainly be considered as a feminist work, it has surprisingly few female characters, though the Bride is crucial to is plot and themes.

Bride Of Frankenstein | Scarlett Johansson’s Role Explained

Dr Frankenstein is overcome with fear when he was tasked with creating a mate for his monster or else face death, and he is concerned that the autonomy of the Bride may be greater than other women in the Victorian Society. He worries that she may reject his previous creation or, worse, procreate with the monster, threatening the place of humanity on Earth.

He destroys the Bride as a result of these fears, causing his original creation to turn on him and vow revenge. While Dr Frankenstein created life via science, women create it via their own bodies, something that really threatens the doctor, and plays into the understated yet present, feminist themes of the novel.

The film adaptations have utilized Shelley’s Bride of Frankenstein to varying degrees of success over the years. These range from the traditional adaptations to the more radical reimaginings; though precious few follows the Bride for any considerable length of time. Scarlett Johansson’s latest project hopes to break that pattern; placing the Bride at the center of its twisted coming-of-age narrative.

Bride of Frankenstein
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Johansson clearly has a passion for feminist sci-fi, with the actor’s upcoming Bride of Frankenstein project seemingly a continuation of themes explored in both Her and Under the Skin, two of Johansson’s most acclaimed works. Bride will follow Johansson as the creation of a wealthy entrepreneur; forced to be his wife until she rejects him and goes on the run.

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