Unanswered Questions After Bridgerton Season 1

Bridgerton season 1 gives its protagonists a happily ending. However, the destinies of some other members of London’s high society have yet to be disclosed.

Bridgerton Season 1 finale

Netflix’s Bridgerton gives the Duke and Duchess of Hastings a happy ever after. But the stories of the characters who comprise Regency-era London remain incomplete. Bridgerton, a Shonda Rhimes production, hails from the Bridgerton series of romance novels by Julia Quinn. The eight novels span from 1813-1827, each concentrating on the lives of each of the Bridgerton family siblings: Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Daphne, Eloise, Francesca, Gregory, and Hyacinth. Season 1 centers around the events that uncover in the first book, The Duke and I, chronicling eldest daughter Daphne’s (Phoebe Dynevon) attempts to secure a love match during London’s social season, a time when eligible young ladies set about the serious job of becoming affianced. Any wrong steps can lead to scandal and a probable fate worse than death — spinsterhood.


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Daphne suffers a series of obstacles, which become useful for a scandal sheet written by a mysterious woman known as Lady Whistledown. As Daphne witnesses her marital prospects dwindle, Simon Basset (Regè-Jean Page), the rakish Duke of Hastings emerges to help her. Simon is least interested in matrimony, and to ignore the horde of ambitious mamas who pounce on him like lionesses hoping to ensure meat for their cubs, he makes a deal with Daphne. They agree to simulate romantic interest in one another, and by doing so, Simon becomes less eligible and Daphne more desirable. Of course, the fake courtship turns  into true love, which brings some major hindrances for the couple to overcome, namely Simon’s rooted daddy issues and Daphne’s lack of experience when it comes to marriage and sex.

Bridgerton: Other Interesting Characters

While Simon and Daphne’s sizzling romance is the step-up plot of Bridgerton season 1, the London aristocracy’s not-so-private lives provide diversity of other juicy subplots. Since his father’s death, Viscount Anthony (Jonathan Bailey), the eldest Bridgerton and head of the family, is torn between his familial commitments and his crush on opera singer Siena Rosso (Sabrina Bartlett). With their elder brother’s future secured, Benedict (the second Bridgerton child) and Colin (the third) hustle to forge their own paths, along with sister Eloise (the second eldest daughter), a sharp-tongued fledgling feminist who aims of being more than chattel.

Across the street from the Bridgertons live the Featheringtons, who include the pernicious Lady Portia (Polly Walker) whose intimidating task of marrying off her three daughters Penelope (Nicola Coughlan), Prudence (Bessie Carter), and Philippa (Harriet Cains) is further made complex with the arrival of distant cousin Marina Thompson (Ruby Barker) whose pregnancy affects the family’s social standing as does Lord Featherington’s (Ben Miller) gambling problem. Another enforcing storyline is Eloise’s (Claudia Jessie) efforts to reveal the identity of Lady Whistledown. While some of these storylines are resolved, there are ample of unanswered questions that are meant to leave viewers wanting for a Bridgerton season 2.

What Happens Now That Lady Now That Lady Whistledown’s Identity Has Been Revealed?

Eloise’s random investigating skills lead her to believe that dressmaker Geneviève Delacroix (Kathryn Drysdale) is Lady Whistledown. It’s in the last moments of the season finale that Eloise gets to know of her mistake. The real Lady Whistledown is disclosed to the audience to be someone else entirely, who is far more unexpected. Moving forward, she will have to work harder to keep her secret identity since her treatment of Queen Charlotte (Golda Rosheuvel) has fueled the monarch’s rage. There are other more questions regarding the revelation. For example, how did she initially subsidize this venture, and what is she doing with the money she’s earning now? What is her endgame? Will Eloise go on with her investigation? What happens if and when Eloise finds the truth?


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It will be a little early to solve the series biggest mystery right now (and indeed it wasn’t revealed in the books until the fourth release), frankly, but it is done. Will the real Whistledown apparently narrate the season 2 (replacing Julie Andrews)? Will this revelation and its connsequences overshadow the events of season 2? For fans of the books who already knew the answer (or anyone curious enough to do a quick Google search), the twist’s timing is inconsequential. The real indulging part is what happens next: such as, will Lady Whistledown’s equal opportunity disdain for the ton will inspire more Machiavellian motivations for luring the lives of her targets?

Will Anthony Settle Down And Get Married?

After spending season 1 longing for opera singer Siena Rosso, Anthony has to accept the romance is not valid. He shows no attentiveness in any of the young ladies his mother brings for him; though familial duties dictates that he marry and carry on the family name. Like Simon, Anthony consider his inheritance as a burden, and despite his best efforts, his intervention in his sibling’s lives does more harm than good. With Daphne happily married, Colin (Luke Newton) on a long holiday abroad, and Benedict (Luke Thompson) enjoying the freedom and fun afforded to a second son, season 2 should concentrate on Anthony securing a bride.

Anthony is certain he will not marry for love, which assures that he will. As nobody wants to watch 8 episodes of a dull Anthony treating marriage like a business transaction, although he will possibly try. Who will the mystery lady be? Does the audience know her already? How will they meet? Will he cross paths with Siena once more? Could he find himself as a part of a love triangle? It looks like all the Bridgerton siblings are destined to follow in their happily married parents’ footsteps, but Anthony is the one who will possibly be an exception .

Is There Hope For Penelope And Colin?

Penelope guarantees she will pull all stops to protect Colin and ensure his happiness. By disclosing Marina’s pregnancy, she saves him untold misery, but she takes her family down in the process, destroying their social standing in good society. Penelope also unintentionally becomes responsible for Marina’s attempt to abort her child. Penelope’s objectives aren’t fully pure; she is certainly bitter after Marina dashes her hopes that Colin might consider her as more than a friend one day. Some may want to debate on how Penelope gets what she deserves when Colin takes her advice and leaves London to travel the world, leaving her behind with a broken heart.


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Is there still a possibility that these two could end up together? Those who have read the novels already know the answer. Although that doesn’t assure the series will have the same outcome. Colin’s ill-fated romance with a character who shares much less in common with her partner in the books says anything is possible.

Have Viewers Seen The Last Of Marina Thompson?

Despite Marina’s efforts to trap Colin into marriage, it’s difficult not to feel sympathy for the mother-to-be. Her last hope of happiness appears to have died along with the father of her child. She has no other option but to marry his brother and flee Grosvenor Square. We don’t see any reason for Marina to come back for another season. The small-screen projection of Quinn’s character, whose name doesn’t emerge until book five, To Sir Phillip, With Love (Eloise’s love story); brings twists into many of the character’s lives, but where does she go from here? How or why would she encounter any of them in the future?

Marina and Penelope call off everything between them on a good note so that the cousins may correlate. Even Lady Portia, who abuses and torments Marina at every turn, has a resentful respect for her by the end. But this may only be because Marina succeeds to secure an advantageous match with Sir Phillip Crane (Chris Fulton). Portia sees him as a potential means of financial support for herself and her daughters. The biggest spoiler of how Marina could remain relevant is through Phillip; whose storyline in book 5 of Quinn’s series get accelerationand modifications to have Marina in the loop.

What Will Become Of The Featherington Ladies?

After manipulating a boxing match to his advantage, Lord Featherington gets in conflict of what we can best describe as Victorian bookies. This leads to his demise and his wife and daughters become penniless. All they have left is the roof over their heads and their personal belongings. Though, which now belong to a mystery heir. Lady Portia uses her resourcefulness to know who will be the next Lord Featherington; and her reaction would tell he will not be a willing or generous benefactor.


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How will the Featherington women save themselves from extreme poverty? Will Penelope turn her back on her mothers and sisters, or will she support them. Is there a possibility that she will use the significant influence she holds as Lady Whistledown in their favor? Will she make use of her small personal fortune to bail the family out? The only chance is that Lady Whistledown will come back in season 2 of Bridgerton to trash her fellow tons.