Bright: Samurai Soul: An Interview With Director Kyohei Ishiguro

Bright: Samurai Soul is a Bright spinoff film directed by Kyohei Ishiguro. Bright is a 2017 American action-adventure film set in an urban fantasy world. During the geeked week in June 2021, Netflix unveiled the new project. From that point on, the movie’s expectations are neither too high nor too low. Fans are excited about the spinoff, but the announcement disappointed some of them because they expected an anime series. The film’s director, Kyohei Ishiguro, recently spoke with ANN about approaching the project and intertwining themes from its setting.

Bright-Samurai-Soul-An-Interview-With-Director-Kyohei-IshiguroWhat Questions Were Asked of Him During The Interview?

What drew him to working on a spinoff to a film like Bright?

Kyohei Ishiguro was asked what drew him to the concept of working on a spinoff to a film like Bright: Samurai Soul during an interview with ANN, to whom he replied that he enjoyed the original movie, which starred Will Smith. Second, he was allowed some creative license in developing this spinoff version. He was also told that the spinoff version would be set in Japan. Therefore, he decided to join because of this.

What kind of supplies had he been provided to help him with Bright’s expertise and world-building?

Kyohei Ishiguro stated that he was approached by several issues. When it comes to the power of someone who owns it, one was the fabric on a ‘Bright’ itself. There were also some materials on the ‘Dark Lord,’ which is only mentioned in the novel by a few sentences but has a lot of meaning. However, he could not reveal any extra information concerning this matter because they were classified as confidential. He then chuckled and apologized for not answering.

The original Bright’s allegorical handling of racism was one of its key themes. In Samurai Soul, how did he try to approach the subject?

According to the director of bright: samurai soul, the film captures the same worldview as the original, although not necessarily for some of the issues, such as racism, partly due to the social and cultural differences between Japan and the United States. As a result, he didn’t pay much attention to that issue. He did make an effort to research several of the film’s conceptual themes. But he didn’t show it in the story in an undeniable way. Although it may not appear to be one of the critical issues, he did address it. However, he did not handle racism in the same way as the original.

In comparison to his past experiences, how different was it to direct the 3D CGI animation of Bright: Samurai Soul?

He stated that working on 3D character animation films was something he was always interested in. This time, he made a determined effort to eliminate all shadows. Other 3D movies in the US, Japan, and other countries always have shadows. And, because it’s 3D, he always thought that the shadows weren’t a needed detail and that removing all the shadows would make it easier, which he wanted to attempt. It was going to be a 3D film, which had already been chosen before he arrived. However, when he was hired, he suggested that they might do without the shadows. They also adopted this ancient Japanese woodblock print style which worked quite well.


More About Bright: Bright: Samurai Soul!

Bright: Samurai Soul is an anime feature film that is a spinoff of the 2017 film Bright. The film is set in 1860s Japan and revolves around two warriors: Izo the Ronin, a human, and Raiden, an Orc.
There are many fans of the series all across the world who eagerly anticipate the spinoff’s success.

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