Brightburn: Brandon’s Deeds Are Not Yet Over

Many people have adopted children, but ever heard that someone adopted a child from the space? David Yarovesky’s superhero horror film, Brightburn, is a must-watch. It is about a boy of extraterrestrial origin, having superpowers. As he learns about them, instead of helping humanity, he uses them to do evil things.

Also, in the mid-credits scene, there are some shocking revelations that some of you might have left. In case you missed it, here we have it all decoded for you. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Brandon was found in a wrecked spaceship.
Image: IMDb

Brightburn Plot Explained

An anonymous spaceship, having an infant inside it, crash-lands in the farm of Tori and Kyle. They adopt the child and name him Brandon. They hide the spacecraft to hide the truth from him. But twelve years later, the space ship starts sending him signals.

Slowly, he starts recognizing about his powers. Once, he stopped a motorized blade with his bare hands and also tossed a lawn mowing machine 100 ft in the air. Later, after his 12th birthday, the duo suspects something off with Brandon. They find some inappropriate magazines and graphic photos of human organs in his room. While on a trip, Kyle gives Brandon THE TALK about sexuality as he is approaching puberty.

One night, Brandon learns about the spaceship, his true identity, and also understands the secret coded message: ‘Take the world.’ In his rage, he develops a heat vision and starts his sinister work.

What Happened To Kyle and Tori?

Brandon kills his father, Kyle, with his heat vision.
Image: IMDb

After killing Erica and Noah, Brandon kills his father, Kyle, when they were hunting. While Brandon examines deer tracks, Kyle shoots him from behind, but the bullet bounces off his head. In anger and rage, Brandon kills him with his heat vision.

Meanwhile, Tori learn about Brandon’s sinister deeds. To inform Kyle, she calls him, but Brandon answers the call and tells her that Kyle is gone. She soon realizes that only the spaceship could kill Brandon. She goes to the barn, where she finds Erica’s body, surrounded by the two B symbols. Tori then takes a piece of the wrecked ship, but Brandon takes her in the sky and drops her to death.

In the end, Brandon wrecks an airplane to cover his tracks, and now, Brightburn is his new identity.

The Future of Brandon is in the Mid-credits scene.

When the movie ends, we see an online video of a theorist called the Big T, who shows some footage of Brightburn’s destruction. But Brightburn isn’t the only one he mentions. He also tells about a half-man, half-fish, and a witch woman who strangles people to death with her rope.

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