Brooklyn Nine-Nine delay: Know the connection with Black Lives Matter Movement.

There is sad news for Brooklyn Nine-Nine Fans. Terry Crews broke the sad news of detective comedy being postponed due to the Black Lives Matter movement. Terry Crews, who portrays Sergeant Terry Jeffords of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, told that the makers and producers of the series scrapped season 8. Moreover, season 8 of the comedy series has been delayed for now.

Terry Hates BLM (Image: Digital Spy)

Everything About Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a detective based comedy series. Michael Schur and Dan Goor are the creators of the American police comedy-drama. The series focuses on the life of Jake Peralta played by Andy Samberg. He is kiddish but still very much professional. He is a member of NYPD’s 99th precinct. However, his opinions defy from the commanding officer of the precinct, Captain Raymond Holt( Andre Braugher).

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Star Cast

Apart from Jake Peralta and Capt. Raymond Holt other members of the cast are also loved by the fans of the show. Other cast members are Joe Lo Truglio as Charles Boyle, Terry Crews as Terry Jeffords, Stephanie Beatriz as Rosa Diaz, Melissa Fumero as Amy Santiago, Joel McKinnon Miller as Norm Scully, Blockeras Michael as Hitchcock, and Chelsea Peretti also plays Gina Linetti.

Has The Show Been Scrapped?

The seventh season of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine was released on February 6, 2020. Moreover, in 2019 November the show got renewed by NBC for the eighth time and was supposed to get into the public view in late 2020. But sadly, because of the Black Lives Matter movement and COVID apocalypse, the show has been postponed.

Has Black Lives Matter Affected Brooklyn Nine-Nine? ( Image: Cnet)

Has Black Lives Matter Affected Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

Even though Brooklyn Nine-Nine has delayed but hasn’t been scrapped, it will be still worked on. Moreover, Terry Crews confirmed that the show got affected due to the Black Lives Matter movement. While addressing to Seth Meyers interview, Terry said that the creator of the show had 4 episodes ready to air. However, they all have been put to the bin now. Yesterday, we all were on a conference Video call discussing and deciding the next step. The showrunner Dan Goor had previously provided a direction in which season 8 will lead at the end of the 7th season. However, all that will be changed, and a new idea, concept, and direction will be given to Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Release date of season 8 of the show

As of now, there is no date officiated by the makers, as they are making changes in the direction of the 8th season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. However, whenever the release date gets out, we will update you all. Till then, Nine-Nine.

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