BTS: Kim Taehyung Shares Heartbreaking KTH1 Mixtape Update But Gives ARMYs Silver Lining

Kim Taehyung also known as V, on weverse teased his upcoming mixtape, KTH1 mixtape. Also revealed the plans of releasing it this year.

In the wee hours, our favorite V came to return to Weverse on Thursday. V also opened up about the long-awaited mixed tape, dubbed as KTH1. Kim Taehyung responded to many fans on social media platforms.

Kim Taehyung: we all are his fan!
He is a shining star! source:

The singer had revealed that fans can now expect the mixtape to drop in this year but added the songs that he has been teasing via social media platforms.

However, including the already popular Travel With Me, will not feature in the mixtape.

This all came out or we should say Began when a fan asked Tae, “Taehyung when does your mixtape come out?” Translated by the BTS member V’s fan account, @thetaeprint on Twitter.

Kim Taehyung interacting with fans?

The reply came out “planning to release it this year.” “Taehyung, it would be a lie if I said that I am not looking forward to it, Don’t feel pressured and put a lot of your heart into it!!”, another fan to Tae. “It’s good to look forward to it,” Tae replied.

Kim Taehyung: steal hearts.
Is he your bias? Source:

However, this is not it Tae also shared heartbreaking news for the fans, not only he will not feature in the previously teased songs but he also deleted those songs.

“Taehyung please include Travel with me in the mixtape,” a fan requested. “I apologize in advance as I don’t even remember (it). All the songs I have uploaded cant be added I have deleted everything I have uploaded,” he replied.

V to his fans! 

The recent song tang was teased on Instagram was shared by a fan snippet of it and asked if he has deleted that song as well.
Taehyung adorably replied, “Since this is recent.. should I look for it in the trash? I wish I hadn’t emptied it Just hate my thumb.”

Kim Taehyung: active on Instagram.
Winning hearts with the voice! source:

Tae also sparked the speculation of collaboration with Job Batiste, the musician who was part of Disney Pixar’s hot movie soul. He revealed that he is in touch with the BTS member.

Jon said, “There is a lot of love I have for BTS, and am excited about the BTS performance. I have been talking to V of BTS, he’s an incredible musician and has a lot of cool stuff they’ve been working on and it’s cool to have that kind of constant exchange happen,” Speaking with #GRAMMYsAsk with Jon Batiste on Twitter Spaces.

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