Bulbbul: A Very Interesting Feminist Thriller

‘Bulbbul’ is an Indian Hindi- language film released on Netflix. It is a horror-thriller drama movie directed and written by Anvita Dutt. The film has been produced by Anushka Sharma along with her brother Karnesh Sharma. Stream it or Skip it? Read on to know the review.

Bulbbul: Synopsis

The lead character ‘Bulbbul‘ played by Tripti Dimri is made to marry a much older royal man, Indranil. He has a twin brother named Mahendra who is developmentally challenged. Also, a younger brother Satya, who happens to be Bulbbul’s childhood friend.

After the wedding, on hearing about Bulbbul’s liking for Satya, Indranil sends him to London for further education. He also punishes Bulbbul physically and hurts her. The story takes different turns when Satya returns from London.


Bulbbul: Movie Review

The movie showcases a child-bride Bulbbul, married to a rich zamindar family in Bengal. On returning from London, Satya notices various changes in the village as well as in his childhood friend.

To begin with, the village witnesses a series of mysterious deaths. According to the villagers, the culprit of the murders is the ‘witch’ who haunts the surrounding forests. Also, Satya’s elder brother Mahendra gets killed in his sleep when he was in London. Furthermore, Bulbbul is no longer the same young girl he shared his childhood friendship with. She has embraced her post-marriage domestic life as the ‘Thakurain’ of the house.

Tripti Dimri as Lead in Bulbbul
Source: Netflix

Who is the witch?

Later in the movie, it is revealed that Bulbbul kills the men of the village when they mistreat or abuse their wives. Hence, the reversed feet ‘chudial’ is none other than Bulbbul herself. After having doubts about a few others, Satya eventually realizes that she is the one responsible for all the murders.

In the last scene, Bulbbul manages to take revenge against Indranil, who once abused her. Also, it is obvious that Mahendra was also killed by her as he once raped her in the past.

Thus, the film portrays strong support of feminism through a bold development of the lead character. Bulbbul’s life journey from an innocent young girl to the witch who serves justice against society’s evil men is shown. The background score and screenplay of the movie are apposite and supporting its horror theme. Thus, it is a good watch for a thrilling experience with some horrific drama in the storyline.

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