Burden Of Truth: Finale Spoilers and Renewal Status Revealed By Peter Mooney

Burden Of Truth is a Canadian web television series. The series season 1 premiered on January 10, 2018. Three seasons of the show are out so far. In this post, we are going to talk about the renewal status of the fourth season of the show, as well as we have come up with major spoilers of the finale.

Burden Of Truth: Finale Spoilers

The season three of the series ended with Joanna (Kristin Kreuk) and Billy (Peter Mooney) winning their case. The duo did a commendable job by getting Kodie custody of her kids. They exposed Dr. Solomon Stone’s God complex. The complex was born out of a childhood shock as his sister died as a child in a house fire, which was set by his drunk mother’s cigarette. When Joanna questioned Dr. Stone, he screamed on the stand that some people don’t deserve to be parents.

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Joanna and Billy were also on the brink of becoming parents themselves. As at the end of the episode in the third season shows pregnant Joanna at Crawford Chang. Meanwhile, Luna gained progress in small claims court. Also, Taylor joined the cadets’ program after getting Sam Mercer arrested. As well as Owen revealed the dirty feelings of Mayor.

Well, now there is a huge question arising from the side of the fans that whether the partners in work, as well as in life, will return for season 4 or not.

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Renewal status:

Well, the Canadian broadcaster CBC has not yet officially announced the renewal status of Burden of Truth.

In an interview with TVLINE, Star Peter Mooney talks about season 4 of the show. Have a look,

“Well, I can’t say too much, but I feel good about it. The only thing that we’re really dealing with — and everyone’s dealing with right now — is the realities of shooting with the current pandemic. So I’m really, really hope that we’ll be able to go back for a Season 4 because that story did wrap up and I thought they wrapped it up so beautifully at the end of Season 3, but what I’m really interested in now is what does the new story look like? What does it look like with them as a family? And how do they continue on practicing as lawyers and moving forward together [with] a brand new little one on the mix? Right now, we’re just keeping our fingers crossed and hoping for some measure of a “return to normal” enough that we would be able to get back to filming. I think there’s more story there. “

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