Call Of Duty 2020: It Just Got Leaked!

Hey, Ya fellas! Wassup? Hope all are fine and doing great. This article talks about the latest happening of Xbox. It related to the upcoming release of Call Of Duty 2020 by Activision.

The Red Door 2020 Alpha LEAKED (Image: Youtube)

Call Of Duty: 2020 Alpha Version.

A new icon and folder appear on the Microsoft store named as Call of Duty, 2020 alpha. The icon for “The Red Door” which is the password used by Activision for the alpha of the game. However, the game isn’t for purchase but there is an option for the user to redeem the game using the code. Even though there isn’t any official statement officiated regarding the name of the game. But there are speculations among people regarding the name of the game. Some believe it to be, ” Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.” Even though the listing is currently available but there is a chance of Microsoft removing it in the near future.

A Keyhole to the Warfare (Image: Microsoft)

Call Of Duty: Everything Regarding The Listing

The listing mentioned by Microsoft gives the description of the new version of the Call Of Duty. The description goes as follows, ” There isn’t one truth, it’s more than that. Be ready to ask all that you want, if want every answer. And remember that I won’t be the same ever. The Red Door waiting to be opened.”
Apart from this, there some layers that can be talked about.

While seeing the image one could easily point out the image depicts a keyhole. If we look inside the keyhole we could see a red and black maze. However, the Call Of Duty is supported only in the ‘Xbox One’. Moreover, the size of the file is way too large, it is something close to 81.65 Gb.

Why So many Leaks? (Image: Flipboard)

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Is it the first time?

This isn’t new for Xbox, a similar incident happened in June. When the listing came on the PSN store. A similar image came was supported only in the PS4. However, there was a slight difference in the file size of the game. Moreover, the game leak happened first in the PSN store then in Microsoft Store.

These sorts of leaks have become quite common in recent times. Lately, Microsoft’s other game Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning got leaked. However, the damage control team managed to minimize the damage by officiating the game the next day. Let’s see if the same happens with Call Of Duty too.

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