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Captain America fan theory confirmed in Agents of SHIELD season 7

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD makers have given a confirmation on a fan theory based on Captain America and the super-soldier serum.

In the ongoing seventh season, fans have noted a vial of mysterious green substance given to Freddy Malick. This gave rise to fan theories about how this mysterious green substance is the same one used to create the super-soldier serum, which gave powers to Captain America.

A still from the show

This theory can be correct since Freddy will have links with HYDRA in the future. In the June 3 episode, Jemma Simons did an analysis of the substance, which was in Freddy’s contact.

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Jemma commented, “Freddy Malick is about to deliver the key ingredient used to create the super-soldier serum.”

Cast of Agents of SHIELD

This is the last installment for the Agents of SHIELD series. Actress Chloe Bennet commenting on the show’s finale, said that the show would have a very enjoyable ending.

She further added that the fans would be happy with the way the show is about to end.

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The seventh season of Agents of SHIELD started on May 27, 2020.

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