Captain Underpants: Netflix Is Coming Up With An Interesting Spin- Off

Just like all other popular streaming services, Netflix is also coming with one of the best most interesting children’s novel series. Originally a series of books by children’s author Dave Pilkey, the Captain Underpants Franchise has become very popular. So, here is what we know about the upcoming spin-off series, The Epic Tales Of Captain Underpants In Space.

Captain Underpants- All About The Series

Captain Underpants is a children’s novel series. The author of the series is Dave Pilkey. The series includes 12 books, two activity books, 11 spin-offs, and won a Disney Adventures Kids’ Choice Award.

The series revolves around two imaginative pranksters, George Beard and Harold Hutchins living in Piqua and Captain Underpants, a superhero from one of the child’s homemade comic books. George and Harold mesmerize their short-tempered principal, Mr. Krupp when he threatens to separate them into different classes. Instantaneously, Mr, Krupp gains superpowers by drinking alien juices and becomes the superhero.

The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants In Space

As a kid, we all must have read children’s books and watched various series of cartoons. So, with all the likes of the series, all of us fell in love not only with its arts and pictures but also with its story.

Air Date: When Is The Series

The Epic Tales Of Captain Underpants In Space, a superhero entertainment series will be coming on Netflix on July 10, 2020.

Watch the promo of the series here.

About The Series

Till now we do not have much information about the series. So, here is what we know.

The series will not follow on from the track of the earlier series,  as it is a spin-off. As the series is set in space, so be ready for a new adventure.

Here is the limited synopsis provided by Netflix:

”Best friends George and Harold – along with their classmates and tyrannical principal – are recruited for a mysterious mission in outer space.”


All the cartoon lovers get ready for this ultimate and entertaining series. Happy Binge Watching!

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