Cardi B Makes People Go Crazy Yet Again With Her Split!

Cardi B is able to do the splits outside the ‘WAP‘ music video, too. The rapper showed off her perfect form, along with some good twerking to a cheering and enjoying circle of friends.

The tigers in the WAP music video may have been edited, but the splits done by Cardi B were real. The 27-year-old rapper proved in the Instagram video shared on August 21 that she can execute the split just as expertly in real life as she has done in the music video. In the clip, Cardi B twirls in the middle of a circle of her friends before suddenly dropping to the ground, eventually executing a sexy split. She didn’t stop there, Somehow, she managed to twerk, and mid-split, which made the crowd standing there, scream and cheer.

Cardi B Splits Again | For Real This Time

Cardi was rocking the hot two-piece set for her split moment in the limelight. She was wearing hot red short shorts and a cropped hoodie, with big hoop earrings and even bigger hair for that real 1990s glam. The beat in the “WAP” was played lightly in the background, while it is still unclear if Cardi was throwing a party, as she does have a significant accomplishment to celebrate, though.

If you have not seen the video of her split and have not yet witnessed her hot twerk on the floor, then you must watch it right away just by clicking the link down below.

On Billboard’s “Hot 100” chart on August 17, her feminist anthem, “WAP,” was peaking at No. 1, this song marked the fourth time when the singer has topped the list. Offset congratulated his wife for her success by surprising her with a glittery Chanel purse that costs around $4,800. Giving Bags as surprises must be Cardi and Offset’s love language, because Cardi also decided to pass further the act of love on by surprising her “WAP” collaborator Megan Thee Stallion(and fellow splits expert), with a custom painted Hermès Birkin bag (the original version of which is worth around $27,000).

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